Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Gorged on Ruins Part V
DEATH OR CAKE....oh dea........

The team are on the way through the mind controlled city of Urcenlina, on the northern shore of Burr.

News from back home is Risur is in trouble, Harkover Lee has nearly  taken the council into hiding and Slate is the last city standing.

Obdessa has cast Overland Flight on the team.  Magnus has cast Mind Blank to those who need it.  The first trip will take the team to the Coliseum (Arena), 500 feet off the ground.    Every now and then we see the people look up.  A couple of hours flight takes the team to the coliseum.  Four strange figures, lanky four eyed creatures with tentacles.  Next trip is to the Town Hall.

The trip takes another half an hour.  Obdessa looks again with True Seeing.  The team have to resort to opening a skylight and flying in.  The first room looks like an attic space.  The team head toward the secret door, behind the door are stairs down.  The stairs lead to a corridor, made of stone, heading right is a strange shaped room with cells in each end.  Another room has a well in the middle and beds (7' long) in the strange room ends.  Magnus cast Knock to open a chest to find out who was here.  The chest has crest of Urcenlina, a two headed dire bear.  It is very quiet.  The team descend further into the depth.

The room has stone alcoves with pressure plates in front of them.  A blue glow comes from the corridor from the right.  The team head toward the light.  A massive room with glowing blue sand.  A chest sits on plinth in the middle.  A tree sits in a room on the far side.  The chest is magic.  Obdessa flies over to look at the chest is magically trapped.  Magnus casts Dispel Magic on the trap.  Hoiken flies over to open the chest.  The chest is full of money and Gems and magical equipment.    This is immediately sent to the ship.

The party then head through the secret door, into a cell like area.  A goblin named Grisic is found the final cell, a common criminal.  He hopes abby is alive.  Freed he runs into the sand room and is  vaporized.  With nothing else to find the team head back up and continue searching.

A coffin is found, with a corpse inside.  Fodagog.   The room is very cold.    The undead is left alone.  The dungeon crawl continues.  An ornate bedroom is found and with a book about leadership.  The room owner Zorfu.  Another room is found with a statue with stairs going up.  Upstairs is a main stair case, the sounds of about 15 footfalls can be heard upstairs.  Upstairs is a patrol.  They see the team and attack, que fight music.

Diago attacks first, a flying creature, phasing and invisibiliy creature.  Reynard casts Greater Named Bullet.  Magnus moves and casts Chain Lightning, killing three goblins.  As the creatures die they turn into goo or smoke.  Obdessa moves and concentrates making an eye creature corporal.    A large Eye Ball squeezes its way into the room and hits Obdessa with a tentical.  The Direbears charges to byte Obdessa and Magnus.  A Flying Horror attacks at Diago, the other fires a Brown Ray at Diago.  Hoiken moves to attack a Direbear, gets hit on way in.  Gotrek flies and attacks the non-corporal Flying Horror.  The Eye attacks Gotrek.  Another Direbear moves into the room and attacks Gotrek.  Diago kills another Flying Horror as it moves into room.  Hoiken moves to attack the Giant Eye.  Orcs with muskets move into room and shoot at Gotrek.  Gotrek removes the head of the Direbear and swings at the Giant Eye.

Diago attacks the other Flying Horror killing it.  Reynard shoots the Flying Horror fighting Gotrek.  Magnus casts Chain Lightning.  Obdessa casts a maximized Chain Lightning, killing the Direbears and Flying Horror.  

Diago starts stabbing the Giant Eye.  Reynard casts Finger of Death killing the Giant Eye.  The remaining Orcs are moving in a symmetrical way.  Magnus casts Magic Missile at an Orc. ‚ÄčObdessa casts Santuary.  Hoiken moves and attacks and Orc killing it.  An Orc moves into a room draws a bead on Gotrek but is cut down.  The other flanks Hoiken with a broken gun.  Gotrek cuts down the final Orcs.  The fight ends as the bodies of the creatures dissolve into smoke/thought.

The team continue to search the Town Hall.  The building is deserted, except for a secret door with three chests.  Nothing useful.  There is another.

With nothing to found.  A beam of light and destroyed everything.  

Done.  Everything ends.


Gorged on Ruins Part IV
Stopping the Drakr slaughter and into Burr.

In planning to assault the leader of the army.  Tzertze the war drummer, thinks a duel has to be one on one.   The team are branded to get past the army, a bloody eyed skull with a forked tongue.  

Obdessa and Magnus know of Drakr politics are based on debates.  The team could be led into the middle of the army by Tzertze so the conscripted dwarves and frost giants will leave the team alone.  A ring of Giants protects the main tent, and let the team through.  A lacky and the leader of the warlords guards the main tent.  The leader, Grandis Komanov, is insane, and  wants the world to burn so that the Voice of Rot can destroy it, so she can become a god and dance on the ice of destroyed world.  To avoid combat a debate would work if the army could it hear it.

Obdessa starts debating philosophical, talking the army into letting the debate happen.  The carnage parade is interrupted.  The team is led to a amphitheater so the debate can be heard.  Grandis Komanov.  Her argument is the world is going to world so free will is needed.  Magnus finds the floor.  Obdessa shuts her down.  The next topic is history and tradition is not needed.  Magnus finds another hole in her debate.  Her next point is stop the corrupt and weak, Magnus then shuts her down.  The next is her method to rile up the army.  Many ideas of being positive is needed.  The last is a performance, but again the team led by Obdessa, gives a performance about how good the team is.  This leads the army to surge past and rip from limb to limb.  A planar rift opens as she calls out to the voice of rot.  The riders are dragged to the rift.   The team are starting to be dragged to the rift.  A black hole.  Knocking out Magnus (ripping him apart) and dragging Diago.   Diago starts pulling himself out but is pulled back into the rift.

Gotrek dives in to save Magnus.   Hoiken dives in to save Reynard.  After five rounds.  Those of the army survived whisper the names of the team as saviors and heroes.  Obdessa casts true resurrection to restore Diago.  Who looks shocked and naked.   The machine has the eye of the voice of rot, which the team need to recover, which Magnus stores in his Handy Haversack.

The team fly to Mirsk (word reaches the city of the heroes).  Offering a feast in the teams honor.  Diago is quite sad as he lost his equipment.  The leaders are grateful and send messages to recall the army as Risur is not at fault.  

The team set sail for Seobriga to meet with Glaucia the Gnoll.   Meeting at the court house where the bones dragon tyrant is kept.  It takes six days flying in the airship.  The courthouse is still there.  It takes a day for Glaucia to see the team.  She has been been waylaid on the way to meet the team.  She had sent agents sent to  the city of Urcenlina.  If we help her she will convince the Bruise to not attack Risur.  As she finishes speaking a ghost floats through the wall and asks the team to surrender.  As the team appear look around, four assassin (great eclipse killers) appear.  Que fight music.

Gotrek is hit.   Reynard is also hit.  Hoiken is hit.  Diago is attacked.  Reynard steps back casting Chain Lightning most just dodge away.  Hoiken turns and starts cutting up the Great Eclipse Killer in front of him.  Diago kills Great Eclipse Killer.  Obdessa casts Heal on the Ghost destroying it.  Magnus casts empowered, maximised, still Magic Missile.  Glausia casts Destruction on Great Eclipse Killer Magnus had just zapped.  Gotrek chops up a Great Eclipse Killer.   

The ghosts is slowing dissolving.  He worked for the OB, but the OB hadn't been involved in Urcenlina.  Glaucia apprentice says her apprentice had been attacked by tiny pink dragons, very strange.  The city is on the rocky north east coast of Burr.  Named after the bear fights it had, it has a sigil of twin headed bear.  Orcs, half giants and Minotaur make it home.  Glaucia will go back in hiding while the team investigate.

The ship takes two days flight.  Steep hills and valleys surround Urcenlina, smoke is seen rising from damaged buildings.  Magnus sends some Prying Eyes down.  Orc wearing a strange uniform (Urcenlina watch) looting can be seen, strange beasts can be seen in the streets.  Something is controlling them.  They seem to be organized into units rounding up the locals and executing them on the spot.  

The plan is to sneak in, they find a note (tattered and stained) pinned to gate, weeks old news.  The team approach into the city.  Whistles can heard coming toward the team.  The team move into a building.  A unit of creatures approaches, seeming to know what is going on.  The team decide to Teleport back to the ship.   The next day the team don't hear the city bells.  Magnus and Obdessa Mind Blank on the team to attempt another but the team are detected.  Obdessa casts True Sight and sees tendrils cover the ground everywhere.  This is how the team have been detected.  Team plan to Fly into the city to the stadium.

Day ends.

Gorged on Ruins Part III
Crystalir and

The team found themselves on top of the volcano and get back to the library.

They introduce the chief librarium to Triaganese, she asks if he was found guilty.   The team start with the bard.  Legit Talius.  Legit reads the book, an acolyte is called to verify the book.  She finally see the truth of and heals Legit Talius tells him that everything he has been seen taught is a lie.  He calls everyone corrupt and pulls free of his bonds and reveals the god script tattooed on his skin.  He says he will become Triaganese.  Bugger.  Reynard knocks him out with a couple of merciful shots.   Talius thinks he is quite mad.  She will absolve him of his power.  She asks to what the team wants….  the Ritual of Axis Island.  Gotrek ask her to not attack Risur, she says she will try.

The team are taken to the large vault and opened and the Ritual of Axis Island.  A sending sent back to HQ (Principle Minister Lee) to send help and a new Uniform for Reynard.  The team will help with Burr or Drakr.   That night Odessa Teleports in, Reynard is also given a Helm of Opposite Alignment.  The flying ship heads towards Drakr to save the dwarves from an army of undead.  The trip takes 5 days  Bhad-Ryzhavdut, the city is raised.  The trail of destruction heads to Mirsk.   A sending arrived from Legit Talius, the Vitus escaped killed Triaganese, a large Volcano Dragon.  It destroyed Ali Promos, the Crystalir army has pulled back fight it.   They no longer at war with Risur.  She told the people that it wasn't the fault of Risur and in fact Risur saved many by being able to prove Triaganese was not a god.  Two days later the army can be found two days from Mirsk.

The army has several hundred Frost Giants, and three hundred thousand of undead.  There also five large riders of the apocalypse.  There is also large machine, a arcano-tech weapon.    Magnus casts Prying Eyes to scout it out.   As the ship swoops down a Blizzard Elemental appears.  The five Riders of the Apocalypse (Vesadni) fly up as army prepares.    Que flee and fight music.

The Good Reynard casts Fly on himself.   Obdessa casts Overland Flight on Gotrek and Hoiken and Resist Energy (Cold).   Casts Resist Energy (Cold).  The Vesadni jump on their horses and take to the air.  Magnus casts Fly on himself and Diago.  Gotrek flies the ship away, at 2500 feet away the chasing undead stop.    To keep the ship alive the team plan to leave the ship and Fly to battle.  

Reynard casts Invisibility on himself as does Hoiken.  Obdessa casts Bestow Grace of the Champion on herself.   Diago jumps off the boat.   Gotrek joins Diago.  Whole team away.   One of the Vesadni fly up toward the team he doesn't look to attack.   In a couple of rounds the team get into visual range of the Vesadni, an undead creature.  He hails the six team members.  Calls himself as Tzertze and wants to parlay in a ancient ruins not far away.    The team fly back to the ship and fly to the ancient ruins next to these massive cairns.  Tzertze is waiting to greet the team in an old fashioned way.  He says Grandis Komanov has a plan, and has recovered the eye of the Voice of Rot, the large weapon is going use to conqure Drakr.  (Sending the souls to her master).  Tzertze wants a challenge.  Obdessa talks about joining forces to battle against the Voice of Rot.  He turns friendly, but Komanov must be stopped.  He tells about his undead brethren, their names and abilities and weaknesses, and the composition of their armies.  The Blizzard Elemental has foresight, 1000' range.  Also a frost worm, sniper squads, cultists, Skeletons and zombies.

He will mark the team to get through their camp.  The team will have to fight his brethren to get to Komanov.  He wants to have Mirsk and his brethren weapons as trophies.  Defeating a Vesadni in a challenge might convince the army to stand down.  

Day ends.

Gorged on Ruins Part II

The team have retreated from the Island.  The team need to work out how to get permission, heading back to Arch Secola, who would give us permission to get into the vault.  She mentions that the jailers have turned up since the great cataclysm.  She knows the leader but doesn't think the team will get permission.  

The team try to locate scroll of forbiddance.  No luck.  Map are found that for sewers.   The lock on the floor is activated by positive energy.  Avoid the undead, avoid some statues.  Richard tries to cast Cure Light Wounds making the lock appear.  Reynard tries make an Silent Image.  Planar energy is coming off it.  Richard then lock picks the to show an empty room.   As he exits the lock disappears and the motif reappears.  

Only option back to the island of death. A god is killed.  Ashemeshinto gives us a dream.  The team is challenged again.  By the same angel with the scythe.  He lets the team in.  The tiny angels flow past starting to destroy all the artifacts in the vault.   The large angel make off with the bigger items.  The team have to rush toward the ninth vault.  The first room.  Looking for the book.  A chained angel begging for mercy in the middle and book shelve.  The angels flow in.  The book is missing from the the shelve.

The next room is full of dust, of destroyed weapons.  The one after has the remains of beings chained to the wall.  The next has a devil chained to the wall, the party taunt him and run past.  The final room is the Ashimema Shinto, asked about the book, she speaks in third person.  The book was held by a priest, Olholder Skararthyand, is in the tomb and then not.  The team have to sprint to the book of heretic room.  Two angels and flocks of the little ones are pulling a man out of a painting and trying to destroy the book.  They want to hand the book to Hezophiel and won't release it.   Que fight music.

Diago first, moves and stabs the first Angel.  Reynard casts Disintegrate at an angel, disintegrating one.  Richard shoots and kills the last large angel.  Hoiken picks up the book, The Biography of Triegenes.  The little angels flee the room to tell the boss.  Magnus and Reynard to plan Dispel Magic (stopping the Forbiddance) and then Teleport.  Back on the ship.  Basically Triegenes didn't turn into a God, hence putting a god on trial doesn't apply.

On return to Ali-Primos another god has been added to the death list, the volcano burns.  The team visit Arch Secola.  The team visit the lawyer, the team convince him to put on a trial.  The team plan put on a defense.   Reynard is the lawyer and Richard is in place of Triegenes.  The next day the lawyer, Talius, is puts on trial.  Reynard responds with the help of Diago and Hoiken.  After the initial trial the trail is moved to the top of the volcano.  The final arguments are put on at the top of the volcano.  Reynard fails.  Then they start using the sacrament of apotheosis to turn Richard into an old man.  The team must fight to save the old man.

Reynard casts Emergency Force Sphere around the old man.  Vitus tries to push attack Reynard off the edge.   Magnus casts Feather Fall on Reynard.  Diago moves to attack an angel.  Talius starts singing causing the teams ears bleed.  Magnus casts Chain Lightning, killing three templars.  Hoiken moves and attacks Talius.  The Templar casts a spell healing Vitus.  Gotrek moves and attack Talius knocking her out.  The lion angel moves and attacks Hoiken with his claws.  The other angels attack hitting Gotrek three times,  Diago once.

Reynard casts Fly.  Vitus flying kicks Magnus with a flurry of blows.   Diago stabs the Angel killing it.  Magnus casts Time Stop defensively.   Followed by Mislead, moving away.  Followed by Mind Blank.  Then Cure Critical wounds on himself.  Hoiken starts stabbing the Angel who attacked him.  Gotrek knocks out the Templar.  The Lion angel moves and goes Invisible.   

Reynard starts shooting at Vitus.  Vitus starts pumelling at Diago who dodges back.  Diago drinks from the gaud of the boren bog and moves away.  Magnus casts Gliter Dust, on the Lion Angel.  Hoiken starts stabbing the Lion Angel.  Gotrek swings twivce hitting the Lion Angel.  The other Angel casts Blade Barrier around himself

Reynard casts Reverse Gravity around Vitus.  Vitus Gaunts behind the angel.  Diago goes behind the Angel and stabs Vitus.  Magnus casts Magic Missiles Vitus. Hoiken moves behind the Angel to hit Vitus.  Gotrek walks behind Vitus and knocks him out.   Vituses wounds close.  The other Angel casts Holy Word.  

Reynard starts shooting the Lion Angel.  Vitus stands up and gets stabbed and hit in the process.  Diago dodges an attack.  Diago and Hoiken knock him out.  Gotrek kills the angel.  Vitus is healed by a Heal spell from the Lion Angel.

Reynard shoots the Lioon Angel again.  Vitus stands and kicks Hoiken back 10 feet.  Then attacks Diago who stabs him back.  He then breaths fire on Gotrek.  Diago knocks him out.   Magnus casts True Sight.  Hoiken shakels Vitus.  The Lion Angel starts hitting Hoiken.

Reynard keeps shooting the Lion Angel again, killing it.  Day ends.

Gorged on Ruins Part I
Crisillyir and the gods

The power of Magnus is tested as he uses Wish to empower the team.  Three main options, help the Crisillyir, stop the gods being killed.  Help Bur, vs them fight the OB.  Or help the Dwarves of Drakr vs the five riders of the end days.

The first choice is help Crisillyir (Morgan Cippiano) first.  The air ship is taken to city of Alais Primos, on the site of a volcano.  Lots of chapels, but they are filled with pyres.  Lots of ruins, smoke and fire.  The people have been put their gods on trial and then the gods are put to death, also killing the followers.  Morgan Cippiano says the team should meet with the head of the families.  The air ship is lands on the outside of the city and the team head to meet the head of the families.  At the entrance a paladin stops Reynard as he is evil (who knew).  So Cippiano drops his toys, despite Richards best intentions, and work with the team (hypocrite).

The team plan to get to the vault without help.  Magnus uses his knowledge of local area and leads the team to the Grand Librarium that contains the vault.  Both Hoiken and Reynards are invisible.  Making the way through the city to the Grand Librarium, the floor is a bit strange (looking like a large lock). Suddenly ghosts start screaming, sounding the alarm.   Armed guards can be seen rushing toward the commotion, so the team beats a hasty exit.  The guards won't let the team in.  The team need to sneak in later, a recon first.  A dull roar is heard to the west, voices.  With nothing else to do, investigating the plaza.  A god is on trial.  A female priest is putting the god Velkali (god of safe haven during travel) on trail.   Richard will stand witness for the god, Diago starts a true argument, that it wasn't the god but the clergy.  Angels dispel magic, then Richard starts his defense.  The defense fails, the crowd leads the god to be put to death in the volcano.  The volcano holds a vast chamber, with magical protection and "angels".  The leader of the god killing is none other than Vigus Sigismund, the OB infiltrator who was killed by the Ghost snake in the Bleak Gate.  The god summoning ritual is performed (same as done to kill elven god) then thrown into the lava.  

The team want to talk to Sigismund, Diago starts the conversation.  An 18' foot angle comes down, lion and steel. Taken to a side room, the truth is told.  He will help after he has finished killing the gods.   The leader of the Libraium is wanted to be executed with her god so she might be more agreeable.  The team decide to come back the next day (the team can't break in).  The team need to speak with the head of the Libraium, the Arch Secular Natalia Degastalie.  She needs two keys to open the vault.  Vigus has the other.  She needs a book, The biography of Triganees, from the demon island, to stop her god being killed.   

The plan is to fly the airship to the cursed island.   A voice in third person speaks.  An angel, Ezozat, appears.  He asks if the team plan to loot or stop the evil.  The team say they have permission to retrieve a book and are not here to loot.  The fate of the world and all that.  The Angel doesn't care, blowing his trumpet, casting Forbidance. Que battle music, being attacked by angles.

Mass ranks of angels land from the heavens.  Diago moves to hold the line.  The Hezophile the Reaper casts Destruction nearly killing Richard.  Reynard empowers his gun and shoots Hezophile hitting twice.   The swarms of little angle swarm and hurt all the team.  Richard shoots Hezophsile six times.  Three small angles cast spells, healing Hezophile.  The other blows his trumpet, hurting everyone.  In the following coiple of rounds the team are near killed and have to beat a retreat.  Only Magnus dispelling Forbiddance allows the team to Teleport to their ship and retreat.  

Day ends.  Completely unsuccessful, still needing the ritual or the world will be destroyed.

God Mind Part V

The team need to come up with a plan to fight the Godmind.  The team are back in the airship, but have a connection with Bracken.  It takes a half an hour to view the Godmind, te size of a small a mountain.  A huge tendril trying sucking in free thought.

A plan is needed to deal with the Godmind.   Braken recons that someone could be influence the leaders while the others deal with the thing in the real realm.  1000' feet the feel of the Godmind is felt.  An opening is needed, with heavy damage, to get the volunteer into the mind scape.  Magnus prepares to protect the ships crew with Mind Blank (from a Wish).  The plan is fly the Dragonflies and Felix's Revenge close and shoot the shit out of it making susceptible to the Reynard mind attack.  As the Dragonflies close, the Godmind fires black, with Disintegration.  Hoikens Dragonfly is hit first, nearly ripping the ring off.  After the broadside and strafing distracts the Godmind.  Allowing the a team of Reynard, Magnus to converse and talk to the minds of the inside the Godmind.

The second round another Disintegration ray hits Richards Dragonfly.    The Godmind is not distracted this round.  Felix's revenge is needed.  While Magnus and Reynards assault the gestalt with History and Logic.  Disntegrating a individual mind from the gestalt.  Hoiken joins the mind party.    Richard is flying back, as is Diago.    They main guns fire distracting it, while the inside work the mind.  The plan is to physically Teleport (thanks Magnus) inside the Godmind (based in the building where they were before).  It looks like gooie web made up of flesh trunks, with a 50 foot clear area two Ectoplasms.  Que fight music.

Diago moves to stab, but it is immune to his poke.  It slams back at him.  Gotrek hits the other on the way in.  The other slime bashes Richard.  Two Disintegration Blossoms open on the roof.  Hoiken moves and stabs the Ectoplasms.  Reynard shoots a Disintegration Blossom destroying it.   Richard shoots at the other Ectoplasm once and destroys the other flower.   Gotrek smashes it three times.  Magnus uses Magic Missile on the same Ectoplasm.  

The Ectoplasms miss.  Diago does nothing much.  Hoiken starts hacking away.  Reynard cast Disintegration but it resists.   Richard starts shooting killing one.  Gotrek starts hacking away.  Magnus casts Magic Missile.

Diago misses, the Ectoplasm missesHoiken starts hacking.  Reynard casts Scorching Ray, two rays hit.  Richard starts shooting again killing the last Ectoplasm.  The team then start cutting people free.  The Godmind starts dying.  All the captured all know it was the team and they will back the team against the OB.

Day ends and the people is saved.

God Mind Part IV
Axis island and the meeting of the OB

A few minutes after She Who Writhes disappears, Ashema Shinto arises from blooded water.  She is now free now.  First a glimpse, politicians look west.  Something in Ber.  Axis Island (captured by Bennedix).

The plan is to head to axis island first.  Debris can be seen floating on the water before the fortress on Axis.  A white flag is raised to parley.  Benedict is on the wall.  With the Kraken defeated, the OB will be back and Benedict wants to talk to the team.  Benedict meets the team at the Docks offering drinks.  He had a misunderstanding with the Father of Thunder.  He offers lodging but offers to show the place of OB ritual.  Braken is on the Island.  Bennedict will drive the team in the cars.  Hoiken is driving one.  Both the Gnoll and Bennedict aren't real (simularicans). 

As the team drive up the road an 18 foot Bleak Golem clanks into the way, 300'.  Bennedict revs the car and guns at it, he asks the King to have a swing.  Que fight music.  A Hive Mind sits in the neck of the Golem.  A mist appears around it (Mind Fog) and rings of Rainbow Hue (Rainbow Pattern).  Hoiken is fascinated by it.  Reynard shoots the Bleak Golem three timesHoiken distracted drives on.  Magnus Magic Missiles the Hive Mind. Richards shoots at the Hive Mind three times.  Benedict drives further up.   The Bleak Golem moves up to Bennedicts car and smashes it.  

The Hive Mind casts Evards Black Tentacles.   Reynard starts shooting the Bleak Golem three times.  Hoiken stops the other car (115' feet away).   Diago gets out and runs to the combat.  Magnus cast Magic Missile at the Hive Mind.   Richard activates his boots, and shoots the Hive Mind once.  The car drives on. The Golem moves and attacks the car.   

The Hive Mind casts Mass Suggestion on the car.  Reynard fails to hit the Golem with a Disintegrate.  Hoiken idles the car.  Diago runs up to the Golem.  Magnus again casts Magic Missile on the Hive Mind.  Richard fires a single shot (the Golem shrugs off magic).  The car drives on leaving Diago fighting the Golem.   Gotrek prepares to make the Hive Mind vulnerable.  Diago is punched twice.

A hive Mind tentacle also attacks, Diago stabs it back twice.    Reynard shoots the Bleak Golem.  Hoiken revs the car.  Diago starts stabbing the Golem destroying it, as the Golem falls to the ground exposing  the Hive Mind floating 10' in the air, Diago throws his artifact.  Magnus cast Magic Missile at the Hive Mind.   Richard shoots the Hive Mind killing it.  Gotrek driving up is allowed to Coup de Grace it.    Braken emerges from the forest.  He knows where the ive Mind came from.  He worked with the Dragon Tyrant and he will work with the team to fight the OB.

Benedict confirms that he would like the team to investigate the caves above.  As the team enter, a person called Cosset meats the team.  Begging for food and water, a OB.  Richard shoots him in the head.  Nicodemous takes over the body and rambles.  The saboteurs orders came from Risur.   But not the team.  The team investigate the center of the island where the ritual began.  Born is in pieces and the 100' disc in sitting on him.  Planar energy escapes straight up.  Searching burns near a bunker, the damage was done by the Voice of Rot.

Braken and Pembleton have an arrangement, a secret scheme.  Pardo the Gnoll tells.  The OB works with Danor.  Magic works in Danor.  Risur and Ber were immune.  Drakr kept control.  Crystalir were killed.  The Elardrin enclaves have been destroyed.  The whole world works for the OB.  Only Risur stands alone.  Pembleton wants to be rebels, Braken recomends it  be called the Illumanati.   Rebels needed.  The Ritual needs to be recreated, get the ritual, collect the icons.  The OB will have a meeting in the capital of Danor, a Symposium.  Braken has a plan to get the team in, a telepathic bond.  Pembleton wants to be a friend after.  Just near the end the Kobold spy Master turns up, the Danorians are attacking.  The team Teleport to the fortress.  To escape are fighter aircraft (called dragon flies) and a flying airship (which carries four of the Dragonflies).

The fortress is under to attack, a preemptive force on attack and troops attacking the ground.  A huge Hive Mind floats on the air.  An evacuation order is given.  Onto the air ship and escape into the air.    The flight path toward Danor.  Braken tests the telepathic bond.  

The KIng names the airship Felix's Revenge.  The ship lands in Triaga in Danor.  The Symposium is in the main building at the top of the hill.  A pre party is organized.  Where all the lands send representative.  The team listen in to their falsified OB reports and plans to invade Risur, the cardinal of Crystilire  and leader of Drakr.  Two dwarves teleport in, the rival leader of Drakr and Gorbati.  The evening is called as the leaders of the OB arrive, Ghost of Lyr Jarier, Nicodemous and Katerina.  Nicodemous spins his lies, while the world leaders bicker.  A Hive Mind starts manifesting, even the OB leaders are taken aback.   As the Hive Mind attacks the OB retreat leaving the delegates to their fate.  A figure appears, Sjion.  He dispels the team from the mind.  

Back to the ship.  The god mind has formed.  Day ends.

God Mind Part III
Granny and the Kraken

The night is spent Dole, the party heal over night.  Te party need to travel to the Anthras mountains to the the town, Favela.  A half days travel the team arrives at a mostly abandoned town.  Large brasiers are lit.  The town are waiting at the docks.  Magnus doesn't know why they lit them.

At the docks Katlin, is doing a lottery, the King demands them to stop.  She has been leading the villages to save the children from Granny Alswell.  Katlin is confronted, put into the web.  The miners draw images of the mines.  Granny Alswell was buried in a section of the mines, a Sending, was sent to Stove Delft confirms.  The team is taking the place of the miners who were to go in.  At the mine all the metal is removed.

A warning is written on the walls, come in and play…. Gremlins.  All technology is disabled.  Traveling down the mine, a small Gremlin is in the dark waiting.  Confronted the team is let past.  At the bottom, four Gremlins are met, named and individuals with personality.  The team want a word with Granny.  The team are led to a ladder, there is a poison trap which the team avoid.

A ten foot ravene with a bridge, which colapses, the Gremlins deny an involvement.  A room which will turn into a trap as the team pass.  In a corridor is tiny nooks allowing a bolder to drop.  Gotrek disables the track by using the power of the King.  Beyond, a large room with laughter and talking, hundreds of Gremlins and a massive head of a women.  The sone of the wall has lots of tiny holes.  The wall looks unnatural, and railway tracks end at the wall.  The children are locked in cages, held above casks marked with fire.  The women's head turns and looks at the team.  Granny Alswell speaks, quieting the Gremlins.  

Negotiation starts.  A proposal, send miners away and control of the mountains.  She wants all the naughty children, to turn into Gremlins.  She gives the team a night to think about it.  In favor there is an earthquake, buildings in Favela have fallen over.  The sounds of playing children can be heard, Magic Mouth's cast around the town to annoy Granny.  Granny compels Katlin to tell all the truth.  A new deal she wants the voice of Rots tongue within a year and she won't take Risurs children.  She is offered Katlin who she eats.

A party in Favela and back in Bole.  While resting Beshella visits Richard and leaves a message she will help fight her mistress.   The team make their back to Flint, spending a month away.  At the docks a lilies are left, she has a plan to charm or weaken her allowing the team to subdue to Coal-tongue the plan to beach the Fey titan to subdue her.  Also the team need to prepare defend vs her Uleration (sonic boom).  

The plan is to beach her and fight her.  Asrebay joins the fight.  Waters churn and the Kraken is drawn to a sand bar.  Beshella creates a whirl pool (stopping the Kraken from teleporting away) that the team must run the team into the sand bar.  Asreby and Beshella head for the beak while the team fight.

Que fight music.  Everyone one the Krakens tentacles is smashed by tentacles.  Diago hits three times.  Gotrek misses.  Richard shoots it three times. Hoiken misses.  Magnus casts an empowered and intensified Magic Missile.  

Hoken is hit by a massive tentacles.  Gotrek is hit, and Richard is hit.  Diago dodges an attack.  Diago misses.  Gotrek hits it three times.  Richard hits three times. Magnus casts an empowered and maximized Magic Missile.  Beshella tries to convince the Kraken, Asrebey betrays her, stopping the spell, says he works for the true masters of the realm the OB and moves to attack.  

Gotrek is hit by the large tentacle.  Hoiken is hit by a small tentacle, Richard is hit.  Asrebay runs toward Gotrek.  Diago moves to block Asrebay, throws a dagger.  Gotrek starts healing.  Richard start shooting Asrebay, thee shots cause lots of bleeding.  Hoiken stands and says Asrebay has choosen the wrong side.  Magnus casts an empowered and maximized Magic Missile at Asrebay.  Magnus casts an empowered and maximized Magic Missile at Asrabey.

She who rides takes carries Richard over her mouth.  Asrebay attacks Hoike, hits once.  Diago moves and throws a dagger at Asrabey.   Gotrek hits the Kraken twice.  Richard activates his armour (flight).  Hoiken, compelled, jumps into the water, heals himself. Magnus casts an empowered and maximized Magic Missile at Asrebay.

She who rides swallows Richard.  Asrebay moves and critical Diago.  Diago starts stabbing Asrebay KOing him.  Gotrek walks to the Asrabey fight, missing the Kraken.  Richard is getting chewed.  He also tries to talk to the glowing figure in the stomach.  Hoiken in the water floats. Magnus casts Magic Missile the Kraken. 
Richard is hit by a large tentacle and is grappled.  Gotrek is hit by a small tentacle as is Hoiken.  Asrebay teleport toward Richard.  Diago moves toward Asrebay.  Gotrek hits She Who Writhes twice.  Richard pulls his pistol and starts shooting Asrebay multiple times.  Hoiken starts moving toward the fight.  

Gotrek is smashed by large tentacle and grabbed.  Diago finishes Asrabey (coup de grace).  Suddenly She who Writhes submits and vanishes.  Leaving the corpse of Asrabey, and the KOed Beshella.  Ashemashinto appears about of the pools of blood in the water.

Three warnings.

1) Everything has been looking west for some reason.

2) Something in Bur has gazed back at her, something she hadn't seen before.

3) Axis island was conquered by Bennidic Pemmbleton, drove off a Danorian fleet.  Stopped the ritual of Nicodeamous.  The Kraken kept him away.  Get to axis island to deal with OB.

Day ends.

God Mind Part II
In the Ziggurat and the Stampede

The team find themselves outside a brass ziggurat, standing over the headless corpses of two Salamanders.  Inside the ziggurat three more Salamanders stand guard in this hot room, lava can be seen in the east of the room.  The Salamanders can be heard boasting about the monsters they have killed.

Diago rushes into the room to engage the first Salamander before they react.  Magnus moves forward and casting Prismatic Spray.  Diago just evades the spell effects.   Gotrek, raging, moves into the room and bashes a Salamander.  Reynard moves and casts Cone of Cold, hitting all Salamanders.   Richard moves and fires a rocket into the corner of the room, killing one.  One Salamanders moves to attack Reynard, gets shot on the way.  The other Salamander swings futilely at Diago.  Hoiken moves to stab this Salamander.  

Diago finishes off the Salamander.  Magnus casts Magic Missile and the force missile slam into the last Salamander.   Gotrek removes the head. Reynard gets out of combat.  The last Salamander is put down.  Then their heads are removed.    Within the complex each room entrance is covered in fire.  Magnus cast Limited Wish to simulate Communal Protection from Energy.  Heading left, through the flame, the next room has a double door that has hot handles (another Salamander guard is put down).  The next room has pits with humans stuck there.  Heading north, is a map room where the Salamanders are planning an invasion of the realm.  Heading back to the entry room the team head right.  The next room contains dozens of stone beds.  Most of the corridors have wall of fire protecting them.  Heading north further into the complex.  At the rear of the complex are two pillars with Fire Arcing between them.  The sounds of laughter can be heard from the futher down corridor to the north.  Two Salamanders stand guard.  Que quite fight music.

Richard pulls out his Sabre, rounds the corner stabbing one Salamanders guard.  Reynard moves to get a bead on one, casting Magic Missile.  Hoiken rounds the corner and slashes one.  Diago joins the combat, stabbing the same one.  Magnus also casts Magic Missile.  The Salamanders attack badly.  Gotrek hacks the first Salamander three times.

Richard stabs the first Salamander,  it is then knocked out by Reynards Magic Missile.  Hoiken hits with two strikes.  Diago finishes the last Salamander off.  Magnus looks at the fire arching between two pillars, a portal to the plane of fire, Jiese.

Heading down the corridor.  The roar of flames drown out most noise.  Behind the wall of flames is an Efreeti.  Richard attempts to talk to him but he is arrogant and foolish saying "blah blah we will win, blah blah invasion, your lands are ours". More fight music.  He is immediately shot by Richard four times, ending him.  His head is added to the collection.  

The next room is the throne room with four Salamanders. Expecting the team.  One has very shiny plate and a halberd, Diago immediately engages him, stabbing with his Rapier.  Richard shoots him six times, as the shots hit he heals via a stored wish, then shot is more.  Four more Salamanders appear in front of the team and start casting spells.  The area where the team stand turns to lava then solidifies to obsidian.  Three Lightning Bolts also hit the team, only hurting Magnus and Gotrek.  Reynard casts an empowered Cone of Cold, hitting all but one Salamander.  Gotrek moves to the flank and KO's a Salamander.   The three new Salamanders at the entrance release magical sonic shout, deafening Magnus and also knocking him out.  Two other Salamanders cast Slow, at Diago and Gotrek who ignores the effect.  Hoiken strolls forward and KOs a Salamander.  

Diago starts stabbing the leader.  KO'ing him.  Richard start shooting, KO'ing four Salamanders.  Reynard then KO's the last front Salamander.  Gotrek removes the head of the Salamander.  With the leader down, all the Salamanders are KO'ed, then coup de graced.  Often with sickening crunches as the Axe of Gotrek finds and removes heads efficiently.

Back at the Fire Gate, Magnus is unable to dispel the magic leaving Reynard has to remove the Pillar with a Disintegrate spell, the Fire Gate collapses.  With the Ziggurat cleared.  The team head back to the Ash Wolf, he inspects the Salamander heads and sends his child to inspect the ziggurat.  He owes the team two boons.  He will help Risur in one battle in the coming year, also helps Richard Sharp finds out how to find his perfect mate (Abby Parker, lives in Burr).    Returning to Bole the fires are put out.

Two Fey Titans left Granny Alswell, Richard knows a nursery rhyme about her, and the Father of Thunder.   The Great Hunt are close and might know details.  Less than 10 miles is the camp of the Great Hunt.   Making contact with Riffian.  The plan is get close disguised as bison, the great hunt will distract the heard while the team will subdue the Fey Titan.  The plan is put into action, but goes awry as some members cant sneak.  The team only manages to get within 100' before The Lord of Thunder spots the team sneaking closer.  The Fey Titan stops mating, causing lightning to smash into the ground near the team.

Que fight music.  The Lord of Thunder starts leading his stampede toward Pole with the gargantuan Lord of Thunder in the middle.  Basically the team need to manage their horses within the horde of Bison, maneuvering close to The Lord of Thunder to attack his legs.  Gotrek, as king has a burst of energy, rides first to attack a hoof, hitting once.   Richard fires a wave beam action shot, easily hitting the massive target.   Diago next.  The Fey Titan moves 30' away, goring Richard on way, then does a trample.  Diago does get a hoof stab in as the stomps away. Reynard shoots next, but finds most of his gun's enchantments futile.  Hoiken attempts to ride closer, but cannot get through the fey titans tough skin.

Gotrek has trouble managing his horse and can't get closer.  Richard starts shooting knocking him over the fey titan, causing him to fall over with a massive boom.  Causing a massive earth quake, opening large rifts in the ground.  Diago rides up, but also can't get through his hide.  The Lord of Thunder stands up, gores Diago on way, then rides away.  Reynard jumps his steed over a chasm while firing his rifle, but is left behind in the chase.  

Gotrek maneuvers closer but fumbles his axe at the wrong moment.  Richard starts shooting again, as his first two shots hits twice, causing the titan to halt, summoning a tornado around himself, stopping other shots.  With bison and cows swirling with in the tornado Diago is knocked off his steed and sucked into the storm.  The Fey Titan rides off, taking the storm with him.  With the ground still suffering the effect of the Titan fall another huge chasm appears.  Magnus is also lifted from the ground and sucked into the cloud, as is Hoiken.

As King Gotrek is tide to Risur he resists the storm but Gotrek can't ride closer, as he has no skill at riding.   Richard knocked to the ground by the storms fury.  Diago is KOed by a flying bison in the swirling vortex.  Gotrek is gored badly, but gets a hack at a hoof as the Lord of Thunder moves away within the stampede.  Magnus is also knocked to the ground.  The remaining team are being flung like rag dolls by the tornado. 

Gotrek is able to ride close hacking at the Titans hooves.  Richard on the ground has to use his advanced riding skills to jump on back of a buffalo to keep up with the herd.  Magnus turns into a Dragon utilizing Form of the Dragon.  Gotrek is gored badly again, only his rage stopping him from collapsing.  But yet again is able to strike the flank of The Lord of Thunder.  Magnus the dragon, daintily picks up the corpse of Diago and flies after the stampede.   Hoiken is thrown from the tornado falling 100' but thanks to sturdy training survives. 

In a final effort Gotrek pushes through the stampede and knocks down the Titan.  The Lord of Thunder submits, and promises to not do more damage if he is given beer every month.  He also won't rampage through fences painted with lightning Bolts.

A very bloody, dusty day ends.

God Mind Part I
Total Re-Kill and the Ash Wolf

It has been three days since the Hive Mind rampage in Flint.  Morgan Cippiano makes contact and wants a meeting with the king.  The meeting takes place in the banquette room of the palace.  He wants to create discord to keep the criminal element off their game, stopping them from becoming a gestalt.  King Gotrek agrees (disapproving looks from some Dukes).

Rumors reach the Risur court that there is trouble in Bole (a city in central Risur).  Their Druids think something is amiss, deaths, storms and fires.  Rumors from refugees show discord and they think that flint still has a sun.  The King orders Dukes with with intelligence need to solve the problem.  Refugees from Bole have been pouring into Flint, often meeting at The Thinking Mans' Tavern, a good place to investigate.  The team head across town and ask some pointed questions, three leads are promising, a huge hard man (Baranaby Crisp), a bard (Slim Chance), an old lady (Grandma Goudada). 

Baranaby first, yarp, a giant of a man and hunter of repute.  Coerced with a barrel of ale loosens his tongue, distant fires spreading out from a ring, spread by a dog the size of a bear (with glowing red eyes), legend of the Ash Wolf, a fey titan.  He is able to give rough directions head east from Bowl, then north, then North East, to a ziggurat. 

Slim Chance, with a dog (Hank), is a rancher, a bolt of lightning continued to hit a ground for an hour.  All his cows went to investigate, all the cows of the region started stampeding toward them.  He also heard the horns of the Wild Hunt. This leads the team to believe that is the Father of Thunder, another fey titan.  

Grandma Goudada, a fortune teller, from the mountainous mining area of Bole.  She only tells what she know for money.  She talks of rumbling deep from underground.  She then performs a reading, the cards show the King wanting to defeat the Grandma deep underground.  Grany Alswell, the fey titan.  

Back at the palace astrologers are in a flutter.  Stars gone, planets moved.  Much of the planets magic has been altered, allowing teleportation (when given permission), planar travel and flight are now possible, the Bleak gate and Fey Realm are not accessible.  With the Bleak Gate barred, resurrection is now possible with the body moved and it is very difficult to die, injuries that previously killed are mere flesh wounds.  The only way to kill is if a coup de grace is performed.

Researching Bole, Bole is the central hub of Risur, an old and grand place.  The team need to head to Bole to sort this out.   As the team arrive the Bowl the Chief Inspector of Bole wants a meeting.  She does this despite proper protocol.  In fact she is rude.  Richard is able to talk to her rationally to find what she wants.  Since the team want to talk to the titans, not just kill, she directs the team to head of Fey Affairs a druid (call Ochran Eisner).

On the outskirts of Bole the Druid is found directing the citizens to write signals on trees, supposedly to fend off the fey titans.  But deploying them the wrong way around.  Ochran takes a little while make himself known.  When confronted by the Dukes he hisses with forked white tongue.  Hissing he attempts to run, he is knocked out.  He works for the Voice of Rot.  He wants to direct the fey titans to destroy the city.  His twin sister to do the same thing at the miners camp.  

The team takes a day to travel East of Bole through the forests to the woodworking camp, where the Ash Wolf was running amok.  The area is covered in smoke, Gotrek feels a surge of power.  Most of the team see a pack of Wolves, the voice of the Ash Wolf (from the surrounding flames), can be heard claiming that Risur have killed her children, burned her home and she demands blood and flesh by the old Rights. Four Giant Wolves can be seen in the smoke and trees.  Que fight music.

All four Giant Wolves charge out of the smoke and attack Richard.  Biting him twice.  Reynard casts Reverse Gravity raising the Giant Wolves into the 30' air.   Hoiken casts Resist Energy.  Gotrek, with nothing to do, tries to negotiate with the Fey Titan, but get no response. 

The Giant Wolves eyes glow and there is a burst of flame (Fire Storm) in the area.  Setting Hoiken on fire.  The Giant Wolves just whimper as they are stuck floating in the air only.  Reynard empowers gun, shooting one.  Hoiken puts out his fire.  Richard shoots a rocket at the Giant Wolves hovering in the air.   Diago throws his artifact dagger at an injured a Giant Wolve.  Gotrek tries to reason again, no luck.  Magnus casts Protection from Fire.

A absolutely massive wolf, the size of a large building bounds in, the Ash Wolf.   His voice booms in anger, he will claim blood from those who speared, killed, her child.  As his gigantic mouth closes in on Reynard his coward sphere (Emergency Force Sphere) activates saving him from becoming a chew toy.  She then bounds off.  Gotrek swings at air.  Richard snaps off a shot, hitting her flank.  Hoiken moves to the side of the fight and prepares.  Reynard in his bubble does nothing.  Richard shoots and kills (KO's) a Giant Wolf.  Diago throws another dagger at a Giant Wolf but misses.  Gotrek tries to reason again, Magnus moves closer to Gotrek.  

A building comes flying out of the smoke, crashing into Magnus and Gotrek.  The Ash Wolf says someone killed his mate thousands of years ago, we are all the same and he will burn Risur.  Four more Giant Wolves emerge on the other side of the smoke to attack Hoiken, knocking him over.  Hoiken teleports away.  Diago asks about when and where his child was killed.  Gotrek talks about getting justice as King.

The Ash Wolf bounds in, stopping in front of the King, he gives a day to bring the head of killer of his son.   He lets one of his children to lead the Dukes toward the site of the body of a child (a Giant Wolf).  There is an odd wound of the corpse of the Giant Wolf, not of Risur.  This is a few miles from where the Ziggurat.  The team head toward the Ziggurat, a large wall of flame surrounds it, there Thoqqua (strange worm like creatures, of fire and slag) acting as guards.  The team try to sneak past them.  Gotreks slips and curses giving their position away.  The Thoqqua start making shrieking noises.  To get past the Wall of Fire surrounding the Ziggurat Gotrek uses his king ability to dig beneath the flames.  Inside the Wall of Fire the Ziggurat is guarded by two Fire Salamander.

Que fight music.  Diago tumbles up into combat, stabbing one.  Reynard empowers his gun, activates his boots and shoots the other Fire Salamander three times.  Richard fires a freeze ray, hitting the same Fire Salamander, trapping it.  The Fire Salamander in combat hits Diago misses.  The other Fire Salamander shoots Reynard twice with a fire covered bow.  Five Magic Missiles from Magnus knocking it out.  Hoiken charges the Fire Salamander attacking Diago.  Gotrek also charges the some one.  Diago finishes it off, knocking it out.  Hoiken allows the king to remove its head.  The other Fire Salamander is also coup de Graced.

The Dukes of Cool stand outside the Brass doors of the Ziggurat.  Day ends.


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