Captain Richard Sharpe

A valued and meaningful member of the team


Captain Richard Sharpe
AKA Richard Silverhand
AKA his Grace Duke Richard Sharpe

Class: Rogue (Sniper) 5 / Gunslinger (Musket Master) 12 / Mad Shootist 2
Level: 19
Age: 32 Alignment: Neutral
Languages: Common, Thieves Cant, Goblin

STR 20 (+ 5) DEX 26 (+ 8) CON 20 (+ 5) INT 16 (+ 3) WIS 22 (+ 6) CHA 13 (+ 1)

AC 36 Touch 21 Flat Footed 25
CMB 22 . CMD 43
HP : 230

Saving Throws: Fort + 19 REF + 25 WILL + 16

Acrobatics (21), Appraise (7), Bluff (5), Climb (13), Craft Alchemy (15), Diplomacy (28), Disable Device (23), Disguise (5), Escape artist (12), Fly (10), Heal (25), Intimidate (3), Knowledge Dungeoning (7), Local (7), Engineering (7), Arcana (13) Perception (34), Ride (30), Sense motive (5), Slight of Hand (13), Stealth (25), Survival (28), Swim (9), Use Magic Device (20)

Class Features:
Rogue: Sneak (3d6), Accuracy, Evasion, Deadly Range, Uncanny Dodge
Gunslinger: Gunsmith, Firearm proficiency, Steady Aim, Grit (6), Fast Musket, Musket Training, Deeds, Nimble +3
Mad Shootist: Inventive Gunnery, Rocket Launcher. Blaster. Mobility shot.

Deeds: Quick Clear, Gunslingers Initiative, Pistol Whip, Dead Shot, Startling Deed, Targeting, Bleeding Wound, Expert loading, Lightning Reload

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Snap Shot, Improved Snap Shot, Weapon Focus (Musket), Improved Critical (Musket), Point Blank Master, Signature Deed (Bleeding wound), Signature Deed (Deadshot). Rogue talent: leap up. Rogue Talent: Combat Trick, clustered Shots. Run. Skilled (Perception).

Background option: Gunsmith, Man with Two Guns is God. Quick Draw & Two Weapon fighting with Firearms. Drawing and Firing a gun in one round does not provoke an AoO.

Attacks: BAB +17 / + 12 / + 7 / +2

Musket + 2
+ 27 / + 22 / + 17 / +12
Damage: d12 + 12. Critical 19-20 / x4. Range 90. B & P
Musket + 2 (30’ Rapidshot & Deadly Aim)
+ 22 / + 22 / +17 / +12 / +7 Damage d12 + 23. Critical 19-20 / x4. Range 90. B & P
Musket Stock + 2
+ 22 / + 17 / + 12 / +7 Damage : d10 + 6. Critical 20 / x2. B
Six Loa Saber + 5 Keen
+ 27 / + 22 / + 17 / +12 Damage: d8 +10. Critical 15-20 / x 2. S
Musket Dead shot (1 shot only – like a sniper shot. Roll for each attack if they hit then add d12 damage)
+ 27 / +22 / + 17 / +12 Damage d12 for each hit. + 12. Critical 19-20 / x4
Pepperbox Pistol +1 (Off Hand)
+ 18 Damage d8 + 12. Critical 20 / x 4


Musket + 2, Distance, Seeking, Holy
Celestial Armour
Cloak of Resistance + 4
Six-Loa Saber + 5 Keen
Belt of Incredible Dexterity + 4
Belt of Physical Perfection +4
Headband of Mental Powers + 4 (Int & Wis). Skills (Diplomacy, Ride)
Far Reaching Sight
Endless Bandolier
Handy Havesack
Oil of Silence
Boots of Speed
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Free Action
Travelers Anytool
Potion of Invisibility x 5
Necklace of Adaption.
Pepperbox Pistol + 1 – crafted by Richard
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8 + 3) (46 charges)
Wand of Restoration (49 charges)
Lesser Helm of Brilliance. 10x 10d6 fireball. 20x scorching day. 39x light. Fire resistance 20. Undead within 30’ take d6 damage every round. All weapons gain flaming property. Explode chance if fire resistance exceeded.
Buckler + 5.

(49) Merciful Bullets (+ d6 damage – non lethal)
(42) Flaming Burst Bullets (+ d6 Fire damage. Critical additional 3d10 Fire)
(19) Adamantine Bullets
(98) Cold Iron Bullets
(190) Alchemical Cartridges
Black Powder Keg (5lbs) x8


Richard Sharpe is tall 6’ , weighs 180 lbs and has black hair and a scar that runs down his face. His back is scarred from a flogging he once received as an rank and file soldier after being accused of theft that he did not commit.

He often has a grim grim countenance on his face but is fair to all.

Captain Richard Sharpe has been assigned to the RHC after serving honourably in the Riser Light Rifle Regiment. Sharpe excelled at achieving his missions despite not always acting as a gentleman.

Richard Sharpe rose from the ranks and as an act of bravery was promoted to an officer and a gentleman. After several galant missions he has earned promotion from a Lieutenant to Captain and is an expert Scout, Marksman and leader of light skirmish companies.

Richard Sharpe was born in Riser to a prostitute residing in “Cat Lane”, and a Danor smuggler. When Sharpe is three, his mother is killed in the Docker Riots, leaving him an orphan.

With no other known relatives to claim him, Sharpe is deposited in Jem Hocking’s foundling home at Brewhouse Lane, Flint, where he spends his days picking his assigned quota of oakum. He is malnourished and regularly beaten, resulting in his being undersized for his age. Because of this, he is eventually sold to a master chimney sweep to train as an apprentice at the relatively late age of 12. Fearing the high mortality rate among apprentice sweeps (who are forced to climb inside chimneys and remove the soot by hand), Sharpe flees to the Bosum Strand, and is taken in by prostitute (and later bar-owner) Maggie Joyce. He stays under Maggie’s protection for three years, learning various forms of thieving.

After killing a gang leader during a fight over Maggie, he escapes from Bosum Strand at the age of fifteen. To avoid arrest, Sharpe takes the “King’s shilling”, joining the 33rd Foot Regiment.

Richard lost his left hand fighting to Borenbog a fey creature in The Dreaming. He was gifted by the Fey Court a magical silver hand that feels like a normal hand.

Richard was given a title of Duke by the previous king of Riser.

The Fey Titan, the Ash wolf has revealed that Richards True Love and ideal partner is someone called Abby Parker in Bur.

Captain Richard Sharpe

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