King Gotrek Gurnisson

King of Risur, Dwarven Slayer, RHC Officer


Race: Dwarf                           
Class: Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
Level: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Armour Class: 13 (Dex + 3)    DR: 12/-    Cold: 6/-    Fire: 9/-     Negative Energy: 10/-

Hit Points: 348
Move: 40’

STR 28 (+ 9) DEX 16 (+ 3) CON 26 (+ 8) INT 10 (-) WIS 14 (+ 2) CHR 14 (+ 2)
- Belt of Physical Might + 6 (STR and CON)

Saves: FORT: 23 REF: 13 WILL: 12
+ 9 vs Spells, Spell like abilities and supernatural abilities.

CMB: + 28  CMD: 41

Dwarven Longaxe (Adamantine, Vorpal, + 5)
(Normal) + 33/+ 28/+ 23/+ 18 Att, 1d12+18, 20 Critical:x3, Slashing
(Rage, Power Attack) + 37/+ 32/+ 27/+ 22 Att, 1d12+37, 20 Critical:x3, Slashing

Run (5x move, Keep dex when running)
Combat Reflexes (DEX bonus(3) AoO, can even use AoO flat footed)
Raging Vitality (+2 CON when raging, still rage while unconscious)
Vital Strike (extra damage die on Standard Attack)
Extra Rage Power x 2
Improved Vital Strike (extra damage die on Standard Attack)
Power Attack ( – 5 to Hit, + 15 damage)
Greater Vital Strike (extra damage die on Standard Attack)
Stand Still (make Combat maneuver if successful opponent cannot move for rest of turn).

Acrobatics               + 20 (8 rank, + 5 Boots of Leaping and Springing)
Climb                        + 15 (1 rank, + 2 Pirates Eye Patch)
Diplomacy:              + 13 (6 Ranks, + 5 world)
Intimidate                + 10 (10 ranks, – 5 world)
Perception:              + 24 (18 ranks)
Survival:                   + 18 (12 rank)
Knowledge (Nature): + 21 (17 rank)
Swim:                        + 15 (1 rank, + 2 Pirates Eye Patch)

Special: Barbarian
Invulnerable Rager
DR 9/- (DR 1/2 per level)
Extreme Endurance (Cold): Ignore cold temp, Cold resistance 5 (1 every 3 levels after 3rd).
Indomitable Will – + 4 Will save to Resist enchantment spells.
Tireless Rage – Not exhausted when rage finishes
Rage – Superstition (+ 7 Vs Spells / Spell like Abilities / Supernatural Abilities (2+1/4 Levels))
Rage – Renewed Vigor (Raging Restore HP 4d8+12 (1d8 every 4 Levels, + CON))
Rage – Reckless Abandon (+ 5 to hit, -5 AC raging (+ 1 / – 1 every 4 Levels))
Rage – Damage Reduction (additional 3 / – while raging) x3
Rage – Regenerative Vigor (gains Fast Healing 3 (level / 6) after using Renewed Vigor)
Rage – Energy Resistance, Fire 9 / – (1/2 per level)
Rage – Greater Energy Resistance, Fire (1/2 damage)
Rage – Energy Absorption, Fire (No save, ignore damage, 1/3 damage converted to temp HP)
Rage – Eater of Magic, Re-roll vs Spells / Spell like Abilities / Supernatural Abilities, gain temporary HP equal to CR or Caster Level, duration 1 minute)

Greater Rage: 46 (4 + CON + 1 dwarf + 32 Level) rounds/day
+ 6 STR, + 8 CON, + 3 WILL Save, - 4 AC,
+ 5 to Hit, additional DR 3/- (exit rage: Fatigued, -2 STR and DEX, 2 rounds / rage round)

Special: Dwarf
Darkvision 60’
Stone-cutting (+ 2 Perception re stonework, auto-check within 10’)
+ 4 Vs bull-rush / trip
+ 2 Save Vs Poison, Spells, Spell like abilities
+ 4 AC Vs Giants + 1 To Hit giant subtype, + 2 Survival to track.

Special: Yerasol Veteran
Display of Heroism
Mv, Ignore Attack of Opportunity, Free Action Ally Stands, + 2 AC Ally and Hero.
Prestige: 4 (Risur), 4 (Family), 5 (Unseen Court), 5 (Flint)

Dwarven Longaxe (14lb) (203040gp)
- Enchantment + 5 (5, 16th level enchantment)
- Vorpal (5, 18th level enchantment)
- Adamantine ( + 3000gp)
Belt Pouch (1/2lb)
Healer’s Kit (1lb)
9 uses (50gp)
Manacles – gold laced (Masterwork) (2lb) (50gp)
Backpack (2lbs) – Silver Tankard (1lb) (1gp)
Wineskin – Potions of Healing (10 doses) (3.4lb) (1851gp spent total)
Pirates Eye Patch
- + 2 Climb/Swim, Expeditious Retreat/Touch of the Sea 1/day (2600gp)
Headband of Havoc
- 1 / Rage, One Rage Power counts as 4 levels higher
- Rage can be triggered as an Immediate Action taking effect before resolving attack (costs 2 round of Rage)
Amulet of Resistance + 4 (16000gp)
Ring of Mind Shielding (8000gp)
- Immune to detect thoughts, discern lies and any attempt to discern alignment
Ring of Energy Shroud (19500gp)
- Acts as Minor Energy Resistance (Negative Energy)
- 1 / day negate Acid, Cold, Fire or Electricity attack, giving bearer Elemental Aura of same type.
Elemental Aura Advanced Player’s Guide Pg 219
- 5 rounds / day, Damage Creatures adjacent 2d6 of elemental damage
- Additional effects, Acid +2 HP / round on going, Cold cause fatigue, Electricity staggered, Fire catch fire.

Belt of Physical Might + 6 (Str, Con) (90000gp)
Boots of Leaping and Springing (5500gp)
- Speed + 10’, + 5 Acrobatics
Explorer’s Outfit (8lb) (10gp)

Other: Dropping Raging Drunk, Come Get Me, Toughness, Guarded Life (3000gp)
Wish cast x4 (100000gp)

Total Money Spent: 454730gp / 465000gp


Gotrek is a large dwarf (4’ 5") weighing 210 lbs. He has tanned skin, tattooed with the symbols of his lost clan and a large red Mohawk. He has an eye-patch and does not wear armour (dwarves were known to sink in armour).

Gotrek is a hero of the Yerasol War. He was involved in the battle on Axis Island nine years ago during the War. He was part of military expedition tasked with taking control of the island from the Danorian forces. He was under the command of Takin Dowerhammer. The island was a pretty place, with steep jungle and beautiful beaches at the edge of the wild magic zone that surrounds Danor’s dead magic zone. Gotrek still has dreams about weird stuff happened there though – terrain seeming to shift, spells backfiring, rockslides and tree falls happening too often to be coincidence – almost like the island was fighting both sides who were trying to claim it.

During the fighting he was seriously hurt from a Fire Bolt, knocking him out and over a cliff face into the ocean. We woke lying on small beach with a burning pain in his head. The foul magic had taken his eye without even giving him a glorious death. Only his natural toughness and resilience had kept him alive. He eventually made it back to the expedition but had developed a healthy disdain for magic (and water).

The war dragged on with neither side gaining much advantage, and the island fighting both. At the close of the war both the Danorian forces and Risur force withdrew relatively peacefully. During the dark days following the Yerasol War he started drinking, and fighting. Gotrek could be found in the seder side of Flint, in Bosum Strand, frequenting rough taverns and dives. Here he found an old acquaintance Hassan the Smith who forged his cold iron Greataxe that Gotrek used during the war. One day staggering out of pub, mildly intoxicated, he found himself in riot. Nothing like a good fight. But seeing a small Gnome being set upon by the mob, enraged Gotrek and he interceded. Intimidating the crowd with his Drunken rage (carrying his Great Axe may have helped).

The Gnome turned out to be Felix Von Ravig, a bard. They became fast friends. Gotreks adventures (ignoring his drinking and a little poetic license) have been documented by Felix ever since. Convinced by Felix (who still thinks Gotrek a hero) Gotrek joined the Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) to somehow integrate back into society whether society is ready for him or not. Gotrek seeks to solve the worlds problems with Intimidation and if that fails his Great Axe.

Everything changed with the death of Felix in the line of duty. Gotrek blames himself for his death. This caused a massive change, Gotrek swore off drinking. Now without his close friend Gotrek must face the cold hard world sober. On the 12th of 500 A.O.V. Gotrek and the RHC team were Knighted by King Aodhan for their services in bringing down the notorious crime-lord Lorcan Kell and stopping the Witch-Oil Colossus which was poised to destroy Flint.

With the death of King Aodhan, and no other “good” choices Risur voted to make Gotrek the Monarch of Risur. It is lucky that there are lots of support staff that can make valued and useful suggestions.

King Gotrek Gurnisson

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