Obdessa the Oracle


Class: Oracle Background: Skyseer
Level: 19
Age: 32 Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common, Celestial, Sylvan, Dwarven, Abysmal, Giant

Race: Half Elf. Age 126. Height: 5’9". Weight: 135 lbs. Hair: Platinum Blond. Eyes: Grey

STR 14 (+ 2) DEX 16 (+ 3) CON 18 (+ 4) INT 14 (+ 2) WIS 19 (+ 4) CHA 32 (+ 11)

AC 19 Touch 14 Flat Footed 16
CMB 16 . CMD 29
HP : 193

Saving Throws: Fort + 11 REF + 10 WILL + 16

Resist Fire 30. Resist Negative Energy 10

Acrobatics (10), Appraise (2), Bluff (8), Climb (8), Diplomacy (47), Fly (12), Heal (19), Knowledge History (13), Religion (22), Planes (13), Arcana (13) Perception (38), Perform: Oratory (33), Sense motive (1), Stealth (10), Survival (4), Swim (3), Use Magic Device (18)

Situational bonuses:

  • + 10 to INT and WIS checks due to Tears of Wine.
    (Heal, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival)
  • + 11 to all WIS checks outside at night
    (Heal, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival)

Class Features:
Skyseer Backgound:
Once per rest (8 hours) receives a prophetic dream.
Once per combat you may touch an ally and give them insight into future actions. The touched ally chooses one of the following; Attack Roll, Saving Throw, Skill Check or Concentration Check, and then rolls a d20. The next time the ally would roll for the selected action, they may use the previously rolled result or opt to make a new roll. Other abilities that allow re-rolls may not be used in conjunction with this ability. If the action would have multiple rolls (such as iterative attacks), only the first roll is replaced.

Curse: Haunted
Revelation: Heavens

Revelations: Coat of Many Colours. Moonlight Bridge. Spray of Shooting stars. Dweller in Darkness. Interstellar void. Lure of the Heavens. Guiding Star

Feats: Skilled (Perception), Skilled (Diplomacy), Extra Revelation. Improved Initiative. Transfer Spell. Reach Spell. Maximized Spell. Spell Penetration. Spell Perfection (Chain Lightning). Spell Focus. Greater Spell Focus

Attacks: BAB +14 / + 9 / + 4

Scepter of Heaven. + 18 / + 13 / + 8. d8 + 3 damage. P & B
Spiritual Weapon. + 26 / + 21 / + 16. d8 + 5 force damage. Ignore DR & Incorporeal

Ranged Touch Attack: +18


Scepter of Heaven
Headband of Charisma + 6
Cloak of Resistance + 5 (Has Lent to Diego)
Eyes of the Eagle
Ring of Free Acton
Ring of Fire Resistance (30)
Force Tower Shield
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 (Has Lent to Diego)
Circlet of Persuasion
Mantle of Immortality
Braces of Defense +1, Deathless
Necklace of Adaption
Pearls of Power. Level 1 x12. Level 2 x4
Piercing Metamagic Rod.
Iuon Stones
– Amber Spindle
– Orange Prism
– Western Star
– Dark Blue Rhomboid
– Incandescent Blue Sphere
– Scarlet and Blue Sphere

Spells Casting
(Level 1) 19. (Level 2) 13. (Level 3) 8. (Level 4) 8. (Level 5) 8. (Level 6) 8. (Level 7) 7. (Level 8) 8 (Level 9) 7

Spells Known:
Curse: Mage Hand. Ghost Sound. Levitate. Minor Image. Telekinesis. Reverse Gravity
Heavens Revelation: Colour Spray. Hypnotic Pattern. Daylight. Rainbow Pattern. Overland Flight. Chain Lightning. Prismatic Spray. Sunburst. Meteor Swarm.

Cure Spells: Cure Light wounds, Cure Moderate wounds, Cure Serious Wounds. Cure Critical Wounds. Mass cure light wounds. Mass cure moderate wounds. Mass cure serious wounds. Mass cure Critical wounds

Orisons Known: Detect Magic. Mending. Light. Stabilize. Virtue. Detect Poison. Enhanced Diplomacy.Create Water. Purify Food and Water.
Level One: Obscuring Mist. Bless. Command.Shadow Trap. Sanctuary
Level Two: Spiritual Weapon. Tears to Wine. Silence. Grace. Resist Energy.
Level Three: Remove Curse. Resist Energy Communal. Dispel Magic. Searing Light
Level Four: Death Ward. Divine Power. Restoration. Freedom of Movement.
Level Five: True Seeing. Flame Strike. Forbid Action Greater. Undeath Ward
Level Six: Hold Person Mass. Heal. Find the Path
Level Seven: Regenerate. Holy Word. Bestow Grace of the Champion
Level Eight: Spell Immunity Greater. Nine Lives. Angelic Aspect Greater
Level Nine: Miracle. Mass Heal. Interplanetary Teleport


Obdessa by default has become the highest ranking Seer in Riser now has been contacted by the King of Riser in his hour of need.


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