Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Gorged on Ruins Part IV

Stopping the Drakr slaughter and into Burr.

In planning to assault the leader of the army.  Tzertze the war drummer, thinks a duel has to be one on one.   The team are branded to get past the army, a bloody eyed skull with a forked tongue.  

Obdessa and Magnus know of Drakr politics are based on debates.  The team could be led into the middle of the army by Tzertze so the conscripted dwarves and frost giants will leave the team alone.  A ring of Giants protects the main tent, and let the team through.  A lacky and the leader of the warlords guards the main tent.  The leader, Grandis Komanov, is insane, and  wants the world to burn so that the Voice of Rot can destroy it, so she can become a god and dance on the ice of destroyed world.  To avoid combat a debate would work if the army could it hear it.

Obdessa starts debating philosophical, talking the army into letting the debate happen.  The carnage parade is interrupted.  The team is led to a amphitheater so the debate can be heard.  Grandis Komanov.  Her argument is the world is going to world so free will is needed.  Magnus finds the floor.  Obdessa shuts her down.  The next topic is history and tradition is not needed.  Magnus finds another hole in her debate.  Her next point is stop the corrupt and weak, Magnus then shuts her down.  The next is her method to rile up the army.  Many ideas of being positive is needed.  The last is a performance, but again the team led by Obdessa, gives a performance about how good the team is.  This leads the army to surge past and rip from limb to limb.  A planar rift opens as she calls out to the voice of rot.  The riders are dragged to the rift.   The team are starting to be dragged to the rift.  A black hole.  Knocking out Magnus (ripping him apart) and dragging Diago.   Diago starts pulling himself out but is pulled back into the rift.

Gotrek dives in to save Magnus.   Hoiken dives in to save Reynard.  After five rounds.  Those of the army survived whisper the names of the team as saviors and heroes.  Obdessa casts true resurrection to restore Diago.  Who looks shocked and naked.   The machine has the eye of the voice of rot, which the team need to recover, which Magnus stores in his Handy Haversack.

The team fly to Mirsk (word reaches the city of the heroes).  Offering a feast in the teams honor.  Diago is quite sad as he lost his equipment.  The leaders are grateful and send messages to recall the army as Risur is not at fault.  

The team set sail for Seobriga to meet with Glaucia the Gnoll.   Meeting at the court house where the bones dragon tyrant is kept.  It takes six days flying in the airship.  The courthouse is still there.  It takes a day for Glaucia to see the team.  She has been been waylaid on the way to meet the team.  She had sent agents sent to  the city of Urcenlina.  If we help her she will convince the Bruise to not attack Risur.  As she finishes speaking a ghost floats through the wall and asks the team to surrender.  As the team appear look around, four assassin (great eclipse killers) appear.  Que fight music.

Gotrek is hit.   Reynard is also hit.  Hoiken is hit.  Diago is attacked.  Reynard steps back casting Chain Lightning most just dodge away.  Hoiken turns and starts cutting up the Great Eclipse Killer in front of him.  Diago kills Great Eclipse Killer.  Obdessa casts Heal on the Ghost destroying it.  Magnus casts empowered, maximised, still Magic Missile.  Glausia casts Destruction on Great Eclipse Killer Magnus had just zapped.  Gotrek chops up a Great Eclipse Killer.   

The ghosts is slowing dissolving.  He worked for the OB, but the OB hadn't been involved in Urcenlina.  Glaucia apprentice says her apprentice had been attacked by tiny pink dragons, very strange.  The city is on the rocky north east coast of Burr.  Named after the bear fights it had, it has a sigil of twin headed bear.  Orcs, half giants and Minotaur make it home.  Glaucia will go back in hiding while the team investigate.

The ship takes two days flight.  Steep hills and valleys surround Urcenlina, smoke is seen rising from damaged buildings.  Magnus sends some Prying Eyes down.  Orc wearing a strange uniform (Urcenlina watch) looting can be seen, strange beasts can be seen in the streets.  Something is controlling them.  They seem to be organized into units rounding up the locals and executing them on the spot.  

The plan is to sneak in, they find a note (tattered and stained) pinned to gate, weeks old news.  The team approach into the city.  Whistles can heard coming toward the team.  The team move into a building.  A unit of creatures approaches, seeming to know what is going on.  The team decide to Teleport back to the ship.   The next day the team don't hear the city bells.  Magnus and Obdessa Mind Blank on the team to attempt another but the team are detected.  Obdessa casts True Sight and sees tendrils cover the ground everywhere.  This is how the team have been detected.  Team plan to Fly into the city to the stadium.

Day ends.


Casamyr enluki

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