Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Gorged on Ruins Part V

DEATH OR CAKE....oh dea........

The team are on the way through the mind controlled city of Urcenlina, on the northern shore of Burr.

News from back home is Risur is in trouble, Harkover Lee has nearly  taken the council into hiding and Slate is the last city standing.

Obdessa has cast Overland Flight on the team.  Magnus has cast Mind Blank to those who need it.  The first trip will take the team to the Coliseum (Arena), 500 feet off the ground.    Every now and then we see the people look up.  A couple of hours flight takes the team to the coliseum.  Four strange figures, lanky four eyed creatures with tentacles.  Next trip is to the Town Hall.

The trip takes another half an hour.  Obdessa looks again with True Seeing.  The team have to resort to opening a skylight and flying in.  The first room looks like an attic space.  The team head toward the secret door, behind the door are stairs down.  The stairs lead to a corridor, made of stone, heading right is a strange shaped room with cells in each end.  Another room has a well in the middle and beds (7' long) in the strange room ends.  Magnus cast Knock to open a chest to find out who was here.  The chest has crest of Urcenlina, a two headed dire bear.  It is very quiet.  The team descend further into the depth.

The room has stone alcoves with pressure plates in front of them.  A blue glow comes from the corridor from the right.  The team head toward the light.  A massive room with glowing blue sand.  A chest sits on plinth in the middle.  A tree sits in a room on the far side.  The chest is magic.  Obdessa flies over to look at the chest is magically trapped.  Magnus casts Dispel Magic on the trap.  Hoiken flies over to open the chest.  The chest is full of money and Gems and magical equipment.    This is immediately sent to the ship.

The party then head through the secret door, into a cell like area.  A goblin named Grisic is found the final cell, a common criminal.  He hopes abby is alive.  Freed he runs into the sand room and is  vaporized.  With nothing else to find the team head back up and continue searching.

A coffin is found, with a corpse inside.  Fodagog.   The room is very cold.    The undead is left alone.  The dungeon crawl continues.  An ornate bedroom is found and with a book about leadership.  The room owner Zorfu.  Another room is found with a statue with stairs going up.  Upstairs is a main stair case, the sounds of about 15 footfalls can be heard upstairs.  Upstairs is a patrol.  They see the team and attack, que fight music.

Diago attacks first, a flying creature, phasing and invisibiliy creature.  Reynard casts Greater Named Bullet.  Magnus moves and casts Chain Lightning, killing three goblins.  As the creatures die they turn into goo or smoke.  Obdessa moves and concentrates making an eye creature corporal.    A large Eye Ball squeezes its way into the room and hits Obdessa with a tentical.  The Direbears charges to byte Obdessa and Magnus.  A Flying Horror attacks at Diago, the other fires a Brown Ray at Diago.  Hoiken moves to attack a Direbear, gets hit on way in.  Gotrek flies and attacks the non-corporal Flying Horror.  The Eye attacks Gotrek.  Another Direbear moves into the room and attacks Gotrek.  Diago kills another Flying Horror as it moves into room.  Hoiken moves to attack the Giant Eye.  Orcs with muskets move into room and shoot at Gotrek.  Gotrek removes the head of the Direbear and swings at the Giant Eye.

Diago attacks the other Flying Horror killing it.  Reynard shoots the Flying Horror fighting Gotrek.  Magnus casts Chain Lightning.  Obdessa casts a maximized Chain Lightning, killing the Direbears and Flying Horror.  

Diago starts stabbing the Giant Eye.  Reynard casts Finger of Death killing the Giant Eye.  The remaining Orcs are moving in a symmetrical way.  Magnus casts Magic Missile at an Orc. ‚ÄčObdessa casts Santuary.  Hoiken moves and attacks and Orc killing it.  An Orc moves into a room draws a bead on Gotrek but is cut down.  The other flanks Hoiken with a broken gun.  Gotrek cuts down the final Orcs.  The fight ends as the bodies of the creatures dissolve into smoke/thought.

The team continue to search the Town Hall.  The building is deserted, except for a secret door with three chests.  Nothing useful.  There is another.

With nothing to found.  A beam of light and destroyed everything.  

Done.  Everything ends.



Casamyr PaulHyman

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