Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Living the Dream Part I

Dream On

The team find themselves in the dreaming in the city of Clover, looking into the murder of Reed Phoenix.  The sun is still setting despite being in the same point of the sky since the team arrived.    The team arrive at a hotel, after being led by Mr Nyves.


Reed Phoenix's sword is missing.  Ten minutes later a knock at the door, Bronie a Pixie, is to lead the team to the Unseen Court.  The team is lead through the streets to an armored compound where, the The Thistle Palace.  We are introduced in by a Binniwitch the Brownie. and given a tourn of the Palace, looks like the museum in the waking world.    Masks of deceased Fey Court members are displayed on the walls.  The team are taken to a room where they follow a frost Fey Lord.  Another Fey, Carest, is introduced, and asks about Asrebey and investigation of Reed Phoenix.  The next Fey Lord, Ferg the toadstool mage, gives Magnus a book, the book of Caland, the history of the Fey Titans and the creation of the first human empire.  Then introduced to the next Fey Lord, a Dryad name Sallan.

Olazadooor, leader of Hedgehog Court,  is accused of killing Reed, they want the war to end with his arrest and murder.  In the main court the Four Fey Lords sit and the team meet the King.  The King.  The Unseen Court will give the team exit if they prove the Hedgehog Court are guilty of killing Reed Phoenix.  Also they will help if the Risur King is killed.  Also the Great Hunt master, warrior, who was hunting the fox.  They also offer to pay 50000gp, the team have one day to solve the murder.  They team have convince a majority of the 10 Fey Lords.

The team want to see the body ut can't get access to the morgue.  So off to the Hedgehog Court, who are in the other half of building.  The guards are pixies, Lereana the marauder, is introduced and questioned by the team about the death of Reed Phoenix.  First Hedgehog Court is Darbany the gruff goat.  A fight breaks out, it takes Diago to stop the fight.  They are introduced into the Hedgehog court.  A goblin (Larvac the Gremlin herald) who wants to break something magical.  The last two members of the Hedgehog court, Beshela the Arch Fey of the Sea and the king Arm in arm, Olazdoor.  The chamber is secured and the team are asked to sit.

Olazdoor wants the murder of the Reed Phoenix.  He thinks the Unseen Court king, Thisraldeon, killed him.  He will help, in control of the Unseen Court, he will help.  He liked Reed and the body was found in Krog Tunnel, he was killed 21 days ago.  The will have someone take us there tomorrow.  They also want to help get the team home.    The team inquire about Cooper Hat, a friend of Reed. 

The team travel to a dangerous part of town, darkest gloomiest part of down.  A evil Fey creature tries to entrance the team, the Borenbog.  Cooper Hat intervenes, a great friend of Reed.  Gotrek knows of the Borenbog is a Fey creature is creature of legend, it can  only be injured by a weapon once.  It also has a magical gourd. The Hag bartender, knows that someone told of Reeds death, Borenbog, stopped from him from being thrown out.  He thinks one of the Fey Lords did it, else can't hide from magic.  He thinks one of the Frey Kings did it.  Olazdoor is probably too stupid to do it.  Probably the Thisraldeon, as he was a jealous lover, but would probably keep a keep sake.

The team head away to sleep.  Early next morning the team head to the Moss Cat morteuatary to Reed Pheonix's body.    He was buried last night, the team can get permission to dig him up.  He has no head, an arrow wound in his chest (but not fatal, shallow).  His heart wasn't beating when at time of death.  The neck took two swings to chop it off.  The have the arrow from the wound, a rough arrow head an eagle headed arrow (similar to that used by Olazdoor.  A half empty bottle of liquor was found, a sophistic poison.  He was poisoned.  Looking closely at the body.  He has no callouses on him, or scars.  Magnus casts True Seeing. The whole body is in fact an invisible egg.  Magnus then casts Dispel Magic, turn the body into back into an egg.  Magnus knows that the poison was derived from the Borenbog making people mailable and controllable.  Next stop is looking for the Reed Phoenix, starting with his house but is has been cleaned.

The team need to talk to Thisraldeon and get an item belonging to Reed (to beginning the Skrying).  Magnus and Gotrek distract by talking to Thisraldeon.  He also knew about Reed talking to the Hedgehog Court and planned to embarrass the man.  Mean while the other team sneak into the kings room and sneak.  Richard finds trophies, including a bloody evening shirt wrapped around a crude sword.  They take this and sneak out.   Back with the other team.  A guard overheard Ferg trying to convince the Reed to become king of Risur.   Gotrek tries to intimidate Carest who didn't like Reed (but wouldn't have killed him this way) and was at a concert.   Reynard confirms the alaby of Atsla the Ice Fey.  Next they tries to talk to Ferg, he want Reed to do favors for him when king.  The team meet up.

Magnus casts Dispel Magic on the sword and then investigate the shirt, embroided with RP.  Then casting Skrying on the shirt to find the alive Reed Phoenix, but can't find him.  Two teams one looking into the dungeons, one looking into the Borenbog and Copper Hat.   Nothing in the dungeons.  The others go into the pub, and confront Copper Hat, he says that Fey Titan is behind Voice of Rot (his master).  He says that the Fey Titan has an offer, implicate the Fey King and the voice of Rot will get the team back to Risur.  Copper Hat wants the war to continue.  Double cross.

At noon on the 39th the Hedgehog Court arrives at the gate.  The Unseen Court as well.  10 Fey Lord.  Copper Hat and Borenbog (with a very large Gourde strapped to his back).  Richard presents the evidence, implicating Copper Hat.   Copper Hat dives into a Webway portal as the Borenbog standing guard.  Que fight music.

Diago rolls into combat. Stabbing once with his rapier.  Reynard cast Scorching Ray hitting once., it ignores the other fire attacks.  Gotrek hits once with his great Axe.  Hoken his with his dagger once.  Richard shoots once with his Musket.  The Arua pulses around him and he grow to huge space. Then grabs Richard. 

Diago is stupified.  Reynard casts Disintergrate through his gun.  Gotreks attack bounces off him.  Magnus is stupified.  Richard quick draws his pistol and shoots him in the arm and moves off.  The Borenbog moves to follow, bashes the Richard.

Diago changes his weapon into a pick.  An bashes it once.  Reynard shoots him with his Rifle.  Gotrek hits once with his Hand Axe.  Magnus steps back and casts Chain Lightning striking the Borenbog.  Richard takes out his saber and swings three times ineffectually.  Borenbog pins Richard and cuts his hand off.  Screaming with blood gushing out his stump, Richard was indeed the most valued and meaningful member of the team, taking all the Borenbog's attacks…  Diago sees his back turned and turns his stone into a short sword, ending its foul life.  

Day ends. 


Casamyr DaveLane

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