Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Living the Dream Part II

Following the Mad Hatter

The Borenbog has been defeated, Richard lost a hand, and Copper hat has escaped into the Webway.  The Webway is opend by Mr Nyves, emergency healing, and the team follow into the Webway.

As the team follow the into the Webway.  Ambushes of Giant Spiders and Ettins is stopped by Mr Nyves saying hello.  The team exit the Webway appearing into a tree.  The team find themselves in a forest.  100 feet away a patrol of the rebel Hedgehog Court, led by Centaurs, and Treant.  "Olasdor" (Copper Hat) is heard coersing them to attack.  Copper Hat is seen, Invisible, in the trees.  The great Hunt is heard next square. 

Reynard takes shot hitting Copper Hat once.  One armed Richard, activates his armour and flies into the air.  Copper Hat creaps further forward.   The Satyrs move 40' forward and fire longbows, one shots hits Richard and explodes.  One explodes on Gotrek and one on Magnus knocking him back 15'.  The Treant moves 40' forward and casts Lightning Bolt hitting Diago, Hoiken and Magnus. Hoiken takes the Aspect of Srasama taking the form a Fire Elemental.  The Centaurs move up 50' and throw spears.  Hitting Gotrek and Magnus.  Gotrek activates his boots and moves forward and engages a horde of Centaurs.  Magnus then casts Chain Lightning hitting all attacking units.

Diago charges the other horde of Centaurs.  Reynard also casts Chain Lightning hitting everyone (including Copper Hat).  Richard flies up 5 foot higher and shoots Copper Hat, the shot ricochets into a Satyr nearby.  Copper Hat moves behind the Satyr, he then fires a beam of Light at Richard, striking him in the chest.  The Satyrs fire at the team members not engaged in combat, hitting Reynard knocking him back.  Magnus is hit three times, one get through his magical protection.  The treant casts Call Lightning Storm, Diago dodges away.    The Fire Elemental Hoiken charges the horde of Centaurs fighting Gotrek.    The Centaurs attack back, hitting Gotrek.  Gotrek hacks through the Horde of Centaurs.  Magnus lets loose empowered Fire Ball, killing one Satyrs, burning many many more.

Diago takes a five foot step, kills the horde of Centaurs and pokes a the Satyrs in range, also killing it.  Reynard casts a spell at Copper Hat but his spell resistance stops the Disintergrate.  Richard floats 5' foot higher and shoots the Lightning Treant but it ignores the shot.  Copper Hat casts Web trapping Gotrek.    The two remaining Satyrs shoot at Diago, he is hit once.  The Lightning Treant uses the Lightning Storm to hit Richard.  Hoiken calls out to the Fey to surrender, then moves to attack Copper Hat (who passes the wound to the Satyr.  Gotrek breaks out of the Web.  Magnus casts Magic Missile at the Lightning Treant. 

Daigo moves and attacks the Lightning Treant in close combat.  Reynard aims and shoots Copper Hat, killing the Satyr.  Richard loads a cold iron bullet and shoots at Mr Copper Hat.  Copper Hat, goes Invisible and tries to Teleport away.   Then tries to searing light Gotrek but watches its energy dissipate. The last Satyr runs away.  The Lightning Treant then turns and knocks Copper Hat out and apologizes and wanders off.

Gathering the body, and Mr Nyves, the team head back to the Unseen Court.  Back at Court both factions are arguing until the unconscious body of Copper Hat is dumped.  He is woken and tries to argue his case, he just wants to distract the groups until the the Voice of Rot, the Fey Titan, completed its  evil plan.  He was not in league with the OB.  Two pixies turn up and want Magnus book back.  The book could be used to distract the fey titan, and also get the sword of the black needles.  The team need to get sword and initiate the pack with the Fey Titan, sending the team back  to the waking world.  Reed Phoenix is found in the obscurest web, and not dead.

The great Hunt is called to transport the team to the high buoy, and thus confront the Voice of Rot.  The team is rewarded with money and a ceremony inducting Hoiken to be a Fey Lord, but also lead Unseen Court when things settle.  

It takes twelve 12hours to ride through to the high buoy.  A glorous ride.  The book of Caland is passed to Diago who can distract the Voice of Rot.  The leader of Hunt, Rifian, tells that the fey Titan can be distracted into talking and not fighting.  Rifian will have the Hunt defend the teams flank.  A hound is taksed with leading the team to Voice of Rot's, domain.  A swamp, in a pool of black water, a massive stair way leads to a sword stuck in a stump at the top of a stump.  Diago and Gotrek are tasked with distraction, Hoiken and the others are to  get to the sword and intact the pack.  A massive rotten serpent and be seen moving in the water.     Speak agents of King Calland and tell no lie for I shall know it.  

Reynard fails to climb out of the water.  Diago climbs out and then starts a discussion with the voice of rot.  Richard uses his gun to grapple to start climbing the steps.  Hoiken goes invisible and starts to climb.  Hoiken starts climbing, Gotrek activates his boots and starts climbing.  Magnus starts climbing.  The Voice of Rot starts moving and starts monologuing (a says he sees the Invisible).  

Reynard climmbs and the voice of Rot moves Further forward.  Diago climbs up, the Voice of Rot moves forward, then starts talking to the voice of Rot.  Richard holds his action. As Gotrek tries to move is bitten and grabbed.  It then moves up the stairs.

Diago talks fails, Hoiken climbs stairs and gets to the book.  Gotrek cannot escape.   Richard starts in converstion with Fey Titan.  The Fey Titan moves around while talking without biting.  Diago starts talking.  Hoiken dashes up the stairs , the sword is stuck in the body of a treant.  Ettecap Hordes emerge from the swamp.  Magnus tries to cast Dimension Door, the spell fails.   The Ettecap Hordes attack.  Webs cover Magnus pinning him to a wall.  

Reynard Fire Balls a Ettecap Horde.  Diago start stabbing the Ettecap Horde attacking him, killing them.  Richard distracts the Voice of Rot.  Hoiken starts hacking the Ettecap Horde.  Gotrek still  stuck in the mouth.  Magnus casts Magic Missile hitting the Ettecap Horde.

Reynard casts Fire Ball again.  Diago and Richard try to distract the Horde.  Hoiken kills the Ettecap Horde.  The Fey Titan chews on Gotrek.  

Reynard distracts the titan.  Diago and Richard kill their Ettecap Hordes. The treant throws a rock.  Hoiken rolls into combat with the Treant.  The Voice of Rot moves into combat, pushing Diago and  Richard away.  

Diago stands up and distracts the voice of rot.  Richard shoots the Treant.  The Treant hurts hoiken.  Hoiken has to disengage.  The Voice of Rot moves.  

Diago distracts the Voice of Rot.  Richards shoots the Treant.  The Treant throws a rock at the dodging Hoiken.   The Voice of Rot moves.  Then times repeats.  The last Ettecap Horde run away.  Finally Magnus escapes the web from the Ettecap Horde. The Voice of Rot casts finger of Death at Richard. 

Richard shoots the tree dead, Hoiken climbs the steps grabs the sword and surrenders.  Enacting the pact.  The Titan banishes the the team to waking world.   The team appear in the High Bayou. in the waking world with the Great Hunt looking stunned.

Day ends.




Casamyr enluki

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