Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Seeking Kasvarina Part VI

The histories revealed.

The team has just destroyed six Bleak Golems, two zombie hordes and a possessed man.  Kasvarina's visions affect a large area so care has to be taken when entering her past.

The vision with Kasvarina was the siege of Alais Primos, before the great malice.  Being this close the team plan to sail to Alais Primos, the capital of Crisillyir, full of churches, temples and libraries.  The OB are trying to Scry the team.  It takes a couple of days to sail there.  Kasvarina is drawn to a couple places including libraries and the town walls.  The team head to the town walls.

The memory event manifests.  A city is covered by a shield that makes it look like like a giant golden turtle.  A battle between Eladrin and Humans is underway.  The Eladrin general calls out humans to send a champion or he will start slaughtering the human prisoners.  As the human slaying begins, the golden wall collapses and 300 hundred humans burst from the city to rescue the human prisoners.  Kasvarina and a small number of Eladrin warriors bursts through an opening in the combat and escape into the City, the rest of the Eladrin forces are  killed.  Kasvarina looks to be not in control of the dream event.  Following Kasvarina's instruction, the team head out further into the country side, hunting for more memories.

They find one, but Kasvarina is upset as she is drawn into the event.   The event is much bigger, a mile in every direction.  The farmlands change to the remains of a battle, corpses litter the ground, all Eladrin women, only half the army stand, only Eladrin men.  The aftermath of The Great Malice, the death of Sasrama.  

The team head into the city and the Libraries.  The team wait until evening, Jenevah Librarium and the great Librarium.  Diago leads the sneak in.  The memory even happens in the Restrium.  A man, smoking, can be seen.  Two dozen injured Eladrin prisoners are being housed in a makeshift hospital.    Nicodeamous is helping a doctor in a priest robes, and talking, but he flickers in the memory.  Nicodeamous talks to Kasvarina.  Every flicker an Eladrin dies.  This is where Nicodeamous turns Kasvarina.  Richard tells Kasvarina that he thinks Nicodeamous is the one behind all the troubles and killed the other Eladrin to get her trust.

Diago leads the sneak into the other librarium, Kasvarina is drawn to the third flour.  The memory event happens.  Nicodeamous and Kasvarina meet some priests.  Kasvarina is leading the peace talks, but Nicodemous wants to overthorw the Leadership of the Clergy as they are corrupt.  They are betrayed and arrested as traitors (by inquisitors), and taken to the Isle of Odium (where a Demon is chained.  See "Hunting the Obscurati Part V").

The team plan to land on the island to find the memories.  Kasvarina says the whole island is part of her memory.   On the Island, in the ruine Lighthouse, the team meet a Dwarven Inquisitor who claims to have foretold that the team were coming.  She wants help, and  is protecting the secret that caused the Great Malice.  Kasvarina puts on the crown, there is a thunder clap as the memory takes effect.  Erie light flickers across the sky as priests appear with Kasvarina and Nicodeamous in chains.  They are led into the prison, then led into the vault, as they test rituals to pass the seal to the demon.  Hoiken notices that three statues are present that were not there when the team last visited.  The duo meet the demoness, Asemashinto.  Kasvarina unchains the the Demon's mouth, which frees her to speak.  Asemashinto shares the ritual to create an avatar of a God, and also the secret to kill it, which will effect it's worshippers in unpredictable ways.  One of the statues, in fact a Golem controlled by Benedict Pemberton, interrupts the memory.  Richard (who is still not a valued and useful member of the team) fails to impress Pemberton and his three Golems attack.

The Pemberbots activate.  Richard fires a special shot at a Pemberbot destroying one.  Diago moves up and throws a dagger.  Reynard tries to break Gotrek out of the memory event.  Magnus activates his Protective Ward.  Gotrek moves forward and bashes one.  One Pemberbot, opens its chest, revealing glimmering gears, which blinds, Magnus.  The other sends five Magic Missiles to slam into Gotrek.  

Richard takes a single shot at the Pemberbot at the back.  Diago tumbles into combat with his Adamantine Rapier.  Reynard takes a shot.  Magnus,  blind, makes his way toward Hoiken, but can't find him to shake him out of the memory.  Gotrek has one swing and kills the Pemberbot.  The remaining Pemberbot, moves to attack Diago, but the little halfling steps back.  Richard takes the final shot killing the last Pemberbot.

The Demon, meanwhile, has finished explaining the ritual.   The Dwarf reveals itself as Granids Komonov, and tries to push Kasvarina into the pool the Demon is suspended over.  Gotrek (and Richard) kill the Dwarf who is revealed to be nothing more than a construct.  Likely a construct created by the Dwarven Eskenologists.  The memory fades, Kasvarina was in Methia when the ritual was completed.  This is the team's next stop.  They  don't take the demon's offer of a Teleport and sail away from the island.  Magnus knows about Methia.  The Great Malice left the capitol of the Clergy bereft of magic. Horrible monsters spawned in the border regions of wild magic wrought havoc as quavering holy warriors struggled to destroy them without their divine aid. The whole country was cut off from its usual channels of communication, and in a matter of weeks, thousands of priests killed themselves, believing their gods had died, and many more fled in every direction. A once-mighty nation fractured into desperate enclaves, and the old capitol was abandoned as an accursed place.  Danor’s historical capitol lies abandoned. Though Danorans reject superstition, even they cannot help but feel uneasy in these ruins. Nothing grows there, wild animals stay out, and even in the height of summer, a chill breeze blows under overcast skies.  After the great malice, it was cursed, Methia is like a ghost city, two districts separated by a river.  Dannor has a base there (preparing for a base to attack Risur). 

The team start planning an assault, an assault vs Dannor, or Teleport in.  The team are forced to mobilize forces, with the support from Ber and Drakr.   A force of 10 naval ships forms the distraction on the mouth of the Eglis River, the Dannorian fleet is forced retreat given time for the RC vessel entry.  They sail up river toward the Lance of Trodogany (a massive tower), the ship is dressed up in Dannorian uniform.

Richard leads the stealth into the city Holy Mathia.  Massive foot steps (earth quakes can be heard), Born the Colossus can be heard and seen.  Kasvarina follows a vision to an island in the middle of the river.  Interestingly the Colossus stops on the east side of the river, the team has to swim across the river, and Gotrek nearly blows it.  Some tanks are spotted.  Near the Lance of Trodgany the Arc starts flickering.  Kasvarina puts the Arc on and within 10' feet magic works.

The team starts climbing up, the outside of the massive tower.  50' up a figure appears, Nilasa Hume appears (died at the very start of the investigation), and gives a warning.  350' up another ghost appears, Cillian Creed, screams and Witch Oil covers the team.   450' up the Ghost of Kaja Stewart appears, she weeps, then blows her head off, causing Magnus to bleed.  500' feet and the memory event expands.  

On this floor, Kasvarina, Han Jierre, Soverign of Dannor and Nicodeamous are planing, OB evil plans.  The Vote is being planned. Kasvarina is told to look into an issue with Born (the Colossus).  The lantern cell is the only cell not working well.  They also plan to abduct the King and replace the RHC with Governor Stanfield.  The event collapses and resolves into another.  Another meeting and another time.  Stanfield has been laying gates into RHC.  Kasvarina, Nicodeamous and Han.  Suddenly the Colossus breaks through from the dreaming, calling out Mother (Kasvarina).  The top of the tower is rebuilding (with magic).

Climbing further, Kasvarina, an unknown Tiefling and Nicodeamous.  Their plan is to build the Colossus in Risur under Caldron Hill.  They want the Sovereign to build a ship and get it stolen by Risur and get them to invest in technology so the Colossus can be built.  Another 200' feet up, 900' another meeting, Kasvarina, a tiefling and Nicodeamous.  This time talking about a failed investigation of the Ziggurat of Abalona, the results stopping flight on this plane.  The Colossus is climbing further.   

1100' feet up another memory event.  Three people, Kasvarina, a human (Nicodeamous) and a tiefling.  Nicodeamous comforts Kasvarina on the loss of her daughter, then talks about rituals.  Higher 

Yet another tiefling arguing with Kasvarina and an elf Nicodeamous, about building a nation in the dead magic zone.  The first of the House Jierre.  Arguing the OB are forcing the Teiflings away from Drakr and Criysiliir.  Moving the monsters to attack and force the Danor nation to form.

1500' feet the top of the tower.  The Arc expands its magic again.  Nicodemous is panting up the stairs, a younger Han Jierre.  The three to plan to work to kill the clergy followers.  He hands three rings to stop the plan being detected.  Gives secret words At Mathia in the Lance of Tirgancy we were founded in secrecy.  Saying these words will allow the three conspirators to be detected.  More memories this time: the memory of the event to summon the god.    The clergy are getting the priests to build another god.  Kasvarina and Nicodemous are beaten and held as the leader of the Clergy completes the Ritual.  They are summoning Srasama to kill the Eladrin.  Using Darla (Kasvarina daughter) as the vessel.  The Aspect of Srasama is brought forth and sent through a portal to the battle.  The avatar breaks into the City but is soon overwhelmed by the defenders (as planned) and killed, initiating the Great Malice.  An acolyte tries to kill the High Priest. The guards and acolytes fight.  The High Priest is knocked from the tower.  Nicodeamous and Kasvarina fight back.  Nicodemous escapes through the collapsing portal.  The portals lock.  Kasvarina is pulled out of the tower by a falling High Priest grabbing her chains

Day ends.


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