Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Seeking Kasvarina Part VII

Finishing Nicodeamous and The Dreaming

The day finds the team at the top of the Lance of Trigenes.  The chief priest, Silvestri, was pushed from the tower but grabs a chain pulling Kasvarina with him.  Nicodeamous has leapt through a portal.  Through the portal, the god Sasrama is getting bigger and bigger, punctured by multiple wounds, then explodes from her wounds and the portal slams shut.  The guard pulls Silvestri up top just as the humans on the top of the tower start turning into tieflings. The central crystal cracks.  Kasvarina beheads Silvestri, and starts opening the chevrons of the gate.  Suddenly Nicodemus flies up from below the tower in the body of Recklinghausen and grabs the Kasvarina from behind.  Born the Colossus is seen in the background, holding onto the Lance with one hand.  Nicodemus threatens everyone to stay back, including Born.

Nicodeamus then starts monologuing.  Borne, Grappa was his father, and Kasvarina was his Mother.  He wants Kasvarina back, and to stop beeing a weak fool.  Kasvarina says he will never work with Nicodemus.  The Arc flashes and Kasvarina gasps.  Borne says Master and raises a fist to crush the team.

Que fight music.  Richard Sharp, activates his boots and moves next to Nicodemus and shoots him in  the head. Nicodemus wounds close and then punches Richard in the head.  Six Ghost like figures trail Nicodemus as he flies into the air 60'.  Richard then takes a shot as he flies off.  Hoiken moves toward the portal.  Kasvarina walks to Hoiken and says: "Are you ready to fly boby?" casting Fly on Hoiken.  Reynard casts Dimension Door saving Magnus from Borne's fist.   Diago runs near the others, leaving Gotrek under the object of the fists impact.  Borne's fists lands on Gotrek, it then moves to the the portal near the others.  Magnus readies an action, to counter spell.  Gotrek activates his innate healing ability.

Richard takes five shots at Nicodeamous hitting three times.  The very hurt Nicodemus wounds close, as he flies down 30' toward his tormentors, two trailing ghosts fly through Richard and Kasvarina.  Kasvarina colapses.  Hoiken casts Cure Moderate Wounds, healing Kasvarina.  Hoiken taunts Nicodemus.  Kasvarina stands up and moves up toward another gate, saying:  "We have to get out.  Open the portal."  Reynard casts Disintegrate through his gun but can't hit the flying Nicodemus.  Diego runs toward a portal and starts to turn the chevrons to open it.  A flickering image of Alais Primos can be seen on the other side of the portal.  Spirits burst out of Born's chest, stunning Reynard, draining him with necromantic energies.  Gotrek activates his boots and runs around the other side of the central crystal to help Diego with the portal.

Richard shoots Nicodemus out of the air, Recklinghausen's body falls to the ground.  Then Nicodemus spirit crawls from the corpse, in a dying breath says: "You keep trying to kill me you can't kill an idea."  Then his spirit then burns up.  Hoiken flies toward the portal.  Reynard casts Dimension Door to get to the other portal, but the spell fails, so just staggers toward the portal.  Diego continues to activate the portal.  Borne angry, starts to swings his arm at team on top of the tower.  Magnus nears the portal.  Gotrek continues to turn the chevrons, and fights to keep the chevrons from springing back. 

Richard activates his boots and tries to drag Reynard to safety.  Hoiken flies a futher 30' feet up.  Diego efforts opens the portal.  Star Gate like.  Magnus leads the team through the portal.  The team crawl, walk, fly and leap through the portal to safety.   The team don't find themselves in the city of Alais Primos but an open field surrounded by forests.  It seems into the middle of a fey battle.  Kasvarina is not with the team,   The some team vomit.  Magus believes the team have somehow been brought to the dreaming.

Fomorian Giants and Elves on stags are fighting woodland beings.  Arrows pelt the team, Magnus power of Protection from Arrows flairs.  100' feet south, at the edge of a forest, a man is waving his arms, his feet are backwards.  The team head that way.  More arrows the team, then skull laden trebuchets hit the team.  Explosions.  Magnus casts Protection from Arrows on Reynard.  The volley knocks over Reynard.  Gotrek stops to pick up his fallen comrade.  Hoiken blesses his allies, calling Triune Blessing, healing Reynard.  Getting to the man, suddenly everyone goes Invisible, says follow me.  His name is Rambylon, and just wanted to get a good view of the fight (a looter).  

The fight follows the team as they flee through the forests, dyrads, trents, elves and forest fighting.  Everything is strange, almost like a chess board of forest creatures fighting (Hoiiken notices).  A pikie notices the team, covering the team in faerie fire dispelling the team invisibility.  A giant fox bursts through the trees. Hounds and riders burst through the trees following the fox.   They trample a couple of red caps on the way saying nothing can get in his way.

Que run music. Diego ran away.  The fox moves quickly. Richard activates his boots and runs too.  Magnus moves to Reynard and casts Dimension Door allowing them to escape the forest.  Both arrive, with Reynard nauseated.  Hoiken runs.  Gotrek activates his boots and runs too.

Diago runs.  Richard runs out of the forest.  Hoiken runs. Gotrek runs out of the forest.  The fox is along side and team in the forest, a goblin creature on the foxes back waves at them.  The team all burst out of the forest square just as the host chasing the fox wheels past the team and follows the fox back into the forest.  Rambylon leads the team up a hill, where Elfin-like Fey sit on toadstools watching.  The hill overlooks a forest and grassland garden made into a 400' foot patchwork arrangement much like a chess board.  A familiar looking city seen to the south. 

Rambylon takes the team to meet Clausveld a large catipilar like creature.  Mr Nyves an Ettin is serving food.  He says call him Claus.  (Rambylon says avoid the apples they are hallucinogenic). It is the 37th day of winter.  He confirms that we are in the Dreaming just outside the city of Clover and asks what side the team is on.  The team assure Claus they are not on either side.  The Unseen Court vs the Hedgehog Court.  Reed Phoenix worked for Unseen Court and conspired with the Hedgehog Court, he was killed because he was a traitor.  All sorts of stories.  Talk of Reed Phoenix has spread all across the city of Clover.  Some include a old acquaintance known as Copper Hat.

Clausveld is interested in acquiring magical items, for protection and wants to buy the teams weapons.  Mr Nyves acks if Claus will use fake gold this time.  Clausveld promptly fires Mr Nyves.  As the team are new to the dreaming Rambylon, and Nyves offer to be our guides.  Rambylon for a kiss, and Nyves for money.  The team vote for Mr Nyves, both seem dodgy but Mr Nyves seemed the least dodgy.  The fighting stop at mid afternoon, both sides stop fighting and walk up the road to Clover.  It takes an hour to walk to Clover.  Mr Nyves knows where witnesses to the murder of Reed Pheonix drink, or a place to sleep.   

First stop is a quick drink.  The doorman only allows the team entry if the team buy a drink.  Strange, but the team accepts.  Approaching the bar, the troll barman refuses to let the team buy a drink as they are free.  The only way to leave is defeat the owner, a water Neried, in a drinking contest.  Waiting a couple of hours the witnesses to Reed Pheonix's murder have not turned up.  This forces a team member to challenge the Neried to a drinking contest to gain a safe and non bloody exit.  The team turn to Gotrek who flatly refuses.  Diego steps up for the contest.  Diego picks first, Fire Whiskey, the toughest.  Neried with ale.  Diego then counters with more Fire Whiskey….. the Neried falls asleep.  The team leave the bar, shaking their heads.  As the team head for an Inn for a well deserved rest Fey creatures follow the team around city of Clover, pawing at them and asking for autographs.  They are after memorabilia or just touch the famous Royal Homeland Congratulatory.  Diago particularly enjoys signing the chest of his female Fey fans.   The dreaming is very strange.

The day ends.



Casamyr enluki

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