The Old Faith

The ancient folk religion of Risur is now known simply as 'The Old Faith'. Honor the spirits of the land, and draw power from nature. The stars above trace patterns that predict events on our world, but the only other worlds are the ones we can visit: the Dreaming and the Bleak Gate.  All druids in Risur follow the Old Faith religion. 

The ‘gods’ of the Old Faith are the five Fey Titans that slumber in the mortal world today. The fey titans are five creatures of colossal scale and near god-like power, which in their heyday they could use to reshape terrain or alter weather at-will. All the creatures in their domain, from the lowliest bug to the primitive elves that had just learned to craft stone, honored them and catered to their will. When Kelland became the first king of Risur, he challenged the five titans and bested them. Rather than slay them, he made a pact that his people would honor them, but in turn the titans would never attack his nation. Today, the five fey titans slumber, and on the rare occasion they do awaken, lesser fey quickly seek to appease them to prevent whatever devastation their discontent could cause. For this service, these fey are able to draw upon the power of the titans.

The Fey Titans

The five titans, known to every child in Risur, are:  

She Who Writhes

Arms of thousands make men weep,
She lurks in tides of murky deep.
Brave souls gone without a trace,
Grasping ships with sweet embrace.
Fishers, merchants, pirates, each
Will tremble when they see her breach.
When sailors wail ‘neath stormy skies,
It’s time for dinner, She Who Writhes.
-Risuri Sea Shanty

A kraken that slumbers on the ocean floor. There are whole societies of merfey and far more alien aquatic life that tap her power to control the water ways. The archfey Beshela, for instance, ensures Risuri ships can travel safely in exchange for regular gifts of appeasement.  

Father of Thunder

Please bless our land, o Father,
Give rains and summers warm.
Grant much in fall, o Father
And bless with every horn.
Please bless our herds, o Father,
That they may graze our fields.
Please bless our home, o Father,
And bless our evening meal.
- Prayer to the Father of Thunder

A many-horned gazelle-like herd beast that fell asleep and has been coated in a grassy plain. Farmers make offerings to him for good weather, which are gathered by grigs and other field fey, who then herd the various wild animals that the Great Hunt will chase every 17 days.  

The Voice of Rot

Whosoever ventures near,
Be forewarned that Death lives here.
If you should note the smell of death,
Then soon shall come your final breath.
-Sign outside the High Bayou

A white serpent who controls swamps and dead animals. He is roused from his slumber most often, since there are few mortals who live in his domain and think to leave him offerings.  

Ash Wolf

Rise and flicker, red and white,
A howling fire burns this night.
Awaken hunter, warrior beast!
The flames have risen—time to feast!
- Hunters’ chant

A white-furred hunter who rests in a forest cave with his pack. He’s said to awaken during great forest fires, so woodsmen are encouraged to gather brush and burn it before they go hunting.  

Granny Allswell

Bedtime, children. Please, please hush.
You don’t want Granny waking up.
If she hears, she’ll surely rush
to snatch you, misbehaving pup.
Then she’ll drag you, way way down
to live in darkest gremlin town.
If you want naught to join her crew
then make no peep the night on through.
-Common Risuri Nursery Rhyme

A corpulent gremlin who snoozes somewhere in the mountains. Her gremlin offspring harass miners because they don’t want the noise of digging to wake her. They likewise hate loud machinery and tend to break it if they can. 


Archfey, meanwhile, are simply fey of substantial power, all of them long-lived, most of them humanoid. Some are servants of the fey titans, other simply mighty warriors or mages who have a domain of their own in the Dreaming analogue of Risur. Then there is the Unseen Court. The Court represents feykind in negotiations with Risur, but their internal politics are nearly impossible for outsiders to fathom, having as much to do with style and emotion as with any tangible effect. The actual members of the Court are, true to their name, never seen except in truly exceptional circumstances, but they have many agents. Some vekeshi mystics claim to speak for the Court, but there is practically no way to confirm or deny this. Sometimes the archfey serve the Court, but their interests do not always align. The common metaphor Risuri use to understand the affairs of the fey is that the Court are the nobility, and the archfey are wealthy landowners. It’s much like politics in the real world, except with more giving men donkey heads and tricking people into falling in love by sniffing poison flowers. 

The Old Faith

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