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Prestige and Calling in Favours

Your prestige does two things – it tracks your notoriety and your ability to call in favours with the various factions in the game world. 

The higher your prestige, the easier and faster you can get what you want.

The follwing table is a guide to see how fast you can get want you want. If you want to increase the speed of your favour one step by making a diplomacy or intimidate check (DC 15 + 3 per level of the favour).

IF the Favour Level is Then your favour gets fulfulled in…
Less that your prestige As little time as humanly possible
Equal to your prestige A few hours
Your Prestige + 1 A Day
Your Prestige + 2 A Week
Your Prestige + 3 A Month
Your Prestige + 4 Never

The party as a whole can call in favour per day from a given allied group.

If you need to call in more favours from the same group one PC makes a Diplomacy or Intimidate check (DC 15 + 3 per level of the favour + 2 per each previous favour beyond the daily limit). 

See pg 18 of the Zeitgeist Adventure Path Extended Players Guide for sample Favours

Between adventures there is no need to use the Prestige  system. The item will arrive before the start of the next adventure. 

When you need to request something during an adventure, start with a base favour of 1 for minor magic items, 3 for moderate magic items, 5 for major magic items. Add 1 if the item you are looking for is a higher level than you. Most mundane items don't need to be requisitioned. 

Calling in the favour only makes the item available, you still need to PAY for it. 







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